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CAS Letter UK: Your Key to Studying in Britain

CAS Letter UK: Your Key to a Successful Student Visa Application

Considering the exceptional standard of education, high-ranking education providers, recognized degrees globally, and being a kaleidoscope of different cultures UK has always been a favorite destination for international students.

The UK is a great place to pursue higher education because it is home to many renowned and prestigious universities, including Oxford, Cambridge, King's College London, and Imperial College London.

It is also a top destination for first-time study abroad aspirants and old students due to less to no cultural shock, language familiarization, and friendly society.

In this regard, UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) has played a tremendous role in facilitating international students to the best.

UKVI is responsible for assessing and issuing a Tier 4 (General) student visa which is a UK student visa.

There is a proper procedure and list of documents required to apply for a UK visa but the most important document is CAS.

Now usually questions arise in students’ minds regarding what is CAS? How to get it? Why is it important and what information does it contain? This feature aims at containing all the information about CAS.

What is CAS Letter or Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies Letter?

CAS letter is a contraction for "Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies." It is an electronic document that universities and colleges in the United Kingdom issue to students who have been granted acceptance on a course after fulfilling all the conditions.

Any international student needs to get admission to a British university or college after planning to study abroad in the United Kingdom for more than 6 months requires CAS.

Their academic and financial requirements and apply for CAS along with other additional documents if deemed necessary by the university.

It is a computerized document having a unique number created through the Home Office's system and is necessary for submitting a successful student visa application.

International students typically have six months from the time they receive their CAS to apply for their student visas.

The CAS number is unique to each student. A student can only use the CAS number once. To make another visa application a new CAS will be required.

What s Mentioned on the CAS?

Your CAS will confirm that you are qualified for an academic assessment by confirming your personal information, course details, tuition costs, and the amount paid.

It will also include data about your previous qualifications and English language proficiency.

Financial Requirements

You have to demonstrate that you have enough money for each month of your study, in addition to your course costs, to demonstrate that you can sustain yourself for a maximum of nine months.

The amount of money required will vary depending on your school of study. The annual living cost.

  • London: For courses in London is £12006 (£1,334 per month for up to 9 months)
  • Outside London: For courses outside of London, it is £9207 (£1,023 per month for up to 9 months)

Documents Required For CAS

  • Payment Proof (Initial deposit paid to the concerned university)
  • Bank Statement (28 days mature consisting of sufficient finances to cover the cost of studies and living for the next year). Depending on the study location and length of the course, university fees, and scholarships awarded different amounts of money are needed.
  • TB Test (for Pakistani students)

The Steps to Receive A CAS Letter Are as Follows

The following steps should be followed to receive CAS from any UK higher education provider

  • Apply to a UK University or College and receive acceptance
  • Fulfill all the conditions listed on the offer.
  • Accept the unconditional offer and pay the university’s initial deposit. It is important to keep in mind the concerned university’s CAS deadlines and proceed with each step accordingly.
  • The majority of British universities also take Pre-CAS or CAS Interviews to make sure genuine students are provided with CAS.
  • Apply for CAS via CAS Shield or the method specified by the university on the offer letter.
  • CAS will be issued after assessment through email from the concerned university.
  • Once the CAS is received student must thoroughly read all the mentioned details in CAS. If all details are correct file UK Tier4 Visa. In case of any error in the CAS inform the university at the earliest so corrections should be made and then go for visa filing.


We can conclude that CAS is one of the most important documents required to apply for a UK Student visa application for international students. Every university has its well-established system to issue CAS to eligible students.

From academic eligibility to financial requirements, all the prerequisites must be met on time to receive CAS. Holding a CAS does not guarantee a visa grant rather it is a means to fully assess a student’s eligibility for a visa grant and is an integral part of visa application assessment.

Hence students need to be careful regarding their CAS and visa application to secure a UK visa to reach their university on time.

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