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PTE vs IELTS Meaning, Difference, Comparison, Scoring

Get all the insights and guidance about PTE vs IELTS. Meaning, Difference, Comparison, Scoring and which exam should you choose!

Why Study Abroad has become so trending amongst Pakistani Students?

Study Abroad is becoming dream achievement for many aspirants as Pakistan is one of the most highly populated nations in the world with the highest youth population.

Choosing the Best fit Study Abroad Degree

HS Consultants provide the best study abroad experience that you will realize when you are sitting in your first class of a new course in a foreign university and getting that warm feeling of belonging,

Student Visa Assistance

A student visa is a validation by the immigration authorities on a passport that indicates that you are allowed to enter the country and stay to study.

Canada Student Visa: How to Apply, Requirements, Fees and Process

Canada is the growing student destination for international students. It have become attraction for many students all around the world.

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