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Awards & Certificates

Qualified Education Agent Counsellor

HS Consultants had started its operations in March 2003 as a sole proprietorship, yet this commercial entity was formally registered with Government of Pakistan [GoP] in 2008, and amazingly with our enthusiastic move to run it as a registered commercial venture by expanding our business operation. Keeping in view a broader aim to run it on stronger footings and bring it at par to a highly renowned venture of corporate level in and outside Pakistan. Our broader vision of establishing this commercial venture was focusing on to run it with a truly greater noble cause—that is to push and promote Pakistani students to the stage, where they could acquire highly recognized and accredited academic degrees, by assisting them to take admission in any distinguished western college or university–our dream, our vision, and our enlightenment–to achieve greater milestones for our nation and country as well as for the upcoming generations. Yes, we can say that, we have done a lot, for our nation and country, yet we believe that we would do a lot more in the time to come ahead.

HS Consultants was registered with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, as a Private Limited Company, under Section 32 of Companies Ordinance, 1984 (XLVII of 1984 on 22nd May 2008. This registration of our commercial enterprise gives us the certification that our company is a law-abiding commercial venture, and we are seriously looking ahead to work with our professional associates and partners by completely following the legal standards and laws of the land.

Brand of the Year Award

HS Consultants was awarded the Brand of the Year Award 2010 by Brands Foundation, and endorsed it by both – Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Industries & Production, in the category of the "Best Foreign Education Consultant". As per the rules prescribed for this award, it is conferred upon those companies and organizations, who secure highest ranking in their respective field. This award is bestowed upon those companies or organizations, whose brands have been approved and nominated by the expert panel, looking into the important yardsticks—such as recommendations, qualitative and quantitative survey report. The decision to confer this award on the respective company or organization is being endorsed by the government ministries as stated above.

Qualified Education Agent Counsellor

The ability of a Foreign Education Consultant can be judged from its national and international hallmarks, without achieving this level, doing justice to properly deal the foreign education cases of students is something reminiscent to impossible as these matters require to deal the matters which range from policies related to visa, formalities linked to admission, processes driven to scrutinizing the documents' authenticity, thus all these require a higher level of capability coupled with command over English. HS Consultants was awarded the certificate titled "Qualified Education Agent Counsellor" by PIER (Professional International Education Resource) Australia, an Australian based international-education agent training service provider on 12th December 2012. This certificate is issued to the participants who qualify the examination that is conducted at Australian Trade Commission office Pakistan. This examination paper covers four significant topics—such as, Australian Qualification Framework, Regulation & Legislation, Working Effectively, and Ethics.

As a proof, the increasing number of annual admissions in foreign colleges and universities for our Pakistani students through HS Consultants is a pragmatic proof and an obvious indicator towards our mandate that "what we say - we do, what we promise - we provide, and what we guide that is the real standard", with our utmost commitment for complete accuracy as well as perfect attention on our professional obligation.

Founder Member of Pakistan National Consultants Association (PNECA)

In the sequence of clinching our credentials, Pakistan National Education Consultants Association (PNECA) has awarded the certificate titled "Founder Member" of "Pakistan National Education Consultants Association"(PNECA)in 2005. This association was established by Pakistan's leading foreign education consultants with an obvious mandate to develop a centre stage for foreign education consultantswith a view to distinguish and differentiate from other non-professional agents, so that, the students could easily access to any authentic and highly renowned foreign education consultant, and they could be saved from entrapping by any illegal and unauthorized agent. The founding members of PNECA are eight, and HS Consultants is one of them.

The students across Pakistan felt feelings of happiness, for establishing this association that was a positive step forward, towards the foreign education in Pakistan, as this domain was terribly infested by some illegal agents and they were grabbing huge amounts from the students on the one hand, and leading the students to entrapping them into the illegal issues in the aftermath of entering on the land of any foreign country.

This Association by following on its formulated guidelines, has remarkably developed it, into a united foreign education agents' body that is aimed to work on some important areas—firstly to hold successful events for the foreign-education ambitious students, and secondly to update them about the intricacies of admission taking, visa applying, as well as important tips to enter into a country – that is entirely alien and way of adjusting within their social and educational milieu, and to work hard to clinch their dreamt degree from any leading centre of higher learning – they are proceeding abroad to enter into.

Student Counselling Skills

HS Consultants was awarded the Certificate of Student Counselling Skills by British Council Pakistan in 2005, during a one-day workshop organized by British Council with close collaboration of Pakistan National Educational Consultants Association (PNECA) to develop and polish the student counselling skills of Foreign Education Agents in Pakistan.

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