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Transform Your Career: Pursue a DBA for Success in the UK


Studying abroad can be one of the most fulfilling experiences of one’s life and it is every student’s wish to cherish these moments with their loved ones.

Family is not only the source of happiness but provides moral support to the student as well through thick and thin.

However, with the British government’s recent cap for international students to bring dependants on their student visas, this has become a dream for many.

As announced by the Rishi Sunak’s government, from January 2024, international students are not allowed to bring their dependants with them.

Students enrolled in postgraduate research programs and Ph.D. programs are exempted from this ban. This move has discouraged a lot of students who want to live with their families during their studies.

However, there is still light at the end of the tunnel. An excellent gateway to overcome this obstacle could be the DBA program.

The first question arising in mind must be what is DBA? Let us dive deeper into the understanding of this program.

What is a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA)?

The Doctorate of Business Administration

(DBA) or (DrBA) is regarded as the highest degree in the domain of business administration.

It is classified as a research doctorate or professional doctorate depending on the granting university and country where the degree was awarded. Most people who seek this degree have previous knowledge of operating, managing, or owning a business.

This makes it possible for individuals to put into practice the concepts that they learn in actual situations and look for the most efficient solution to problems they might bump into while managing company operations.

Academically, the DBA is awarded based on advanced study, examinations, project work, and advanced research in the field of business administration. The duration of the degree is typically 4 years at an authorized higher education provider in the UK and 3 years of Post Study Work is allowed after its completion.

There are exceptions as well in terms of the duration of the degree and its study plan depending upon the university One can harness their skills and knowledge in a variety of sectors and at any level without any minimum salary requirements or the need for UK visa sponsorship.

Some of the British universities offering this course are the University of Hertfordshire, the University of Gloucestershire, Middlesex University, London Metropolitan University, the University of Derby, Teesside University, and many others. This DBA program could be a gateway for genuine students willing to take their dependants with them.

DBA Program Structure and Duration

Doctorate of Business Administration students dedicate up to two years to perusing scholarly works in a variety of fields including marketing, statistics, economics, finance, management, and other related subjects.

It is followed by an additional two years of planning and carrying out original research—a dissertation that focuses on a single field of their own choice.

The creation of an executive with in-depth knowledge of a business domain in all aspects is the main objective of a DBA program.

Eligibility and Application Process

Now another question arises regarding how to apply for it. Usually, an applicant with a master’s degree or equivalent in a subject area relevant to the proposed research topic and experience in the field is eligible to apply.

Applying a research proposal is the requirement that should reflect a student’s academic ability and relevant future ambitions.

A research proposal must have a clear vision, it should give an understandable description of the subject of your research problem, how significant it is, and what specific objectives or concerns you hope to answer.

Along with a research proposal and academic documents, the main applicant needs to apply to a university offering a DBA program. They need to meet academic and English language entry requirements.

Meeting offer conditions they need to pay initial deposit and apply for Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies.

Once received they can apply for a UK visa for themselves and their accompanying dependants. This will enable them to live through the joys of their study abroad experience with their family.

Benefits of Pursuing a DBA

Apart from boosting an executive’s career prospects, this could be a great way to alleviate their career opportunities by getting a foreign degree. With the title "Doctor" added, your resume will stand out among others and boost your professional profile and further your career. It also enables entrepreneurs to make informed decisions and reach the heights of success by application of acquired knowledge. Student apply for this program with unwavering conviction and propel their careers to unparalleled heights. It also gives a competitive advantage to the professionals as they are counted among the 2 % people of in the world who pursue a Doctorate in Business.


In conclusion, the DBA program is not only the highest level of academic success but it can also be a proper access point for professionals to bring their families to the United Kingdom on dependant visas. They can get their degree and add to the body of knowledge while touching heights of success by applying acquired knowledge after coming back. So, it is a win-win situation in any case.

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