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Employment While Studying in UK

Studying in the UK is a big opportunity for a successful career ahead. It can drive your future toward prosperity. Even though only studying in the UK is a big plus in your academic record, if you add the working experience in the UK, it can take your career to the next level. Working in the UK, along with studying, can reveal many doors to success.

Are International Students Eligible to Work in the UK?

While studying in the UK, one wishes to earn some money and get some acquaintances with the locals. The government of the United Kingdom has many work opportunities for students. However, only those students who hold a student visa and are enrolled in a full degree program are allowed to work in the UK. However, they need to consider the laws and rules:

  • During the term time, they are allowed to work 20 hours per week. However, on vacation, they can do a full-time job.
  • The students are not allowed to get into any permanent job.
  • International students cannot start their own businesses while studying.
  • Freelancing is not permitted as it is a type of self-employment.

Once the study course is completed, you can continue your job until your visa expires. After that, if you want to do a full-time permanent job, you need to change your visa status.

Work opportunities for students in the UK

Part-Time Jobs for Students:

Part Time Jobs for Students are easily available in the UK. You can find an off-campus or on-campus job at your convenience. Some typical part-time jobs for students are servers, teaching assistants, retail workers, dog walkers, and baristas. If English is your second language, you can also find a job as a translator. Being bilingual can get you to make some money.

Full-Time Jobs After Completion of Study

After completing your full-time study course, you can search for full-time jobs. However, you will need to change the visa status from student visa to work visa. Once you are done with this process, you can see many job offerings in the UK. You can find many jobs in the field of engineering, HR, healthcare, IT, advertising, education, finance, law, and arts. A mass of jobs is produced every year in these and many fields to hire a new and competent candidate.

Summer Jobs in the UK for International Students

There are countless work opportunities for students in the UK, especially during vacations. International students can make the most of the summer breaks if they utilize this time to do a summer job. Hundreds of jobs are posted daily on multiple websites to invite international students for summer jobs. You can join a summer camp, join a club, or serve as a swimming trainer, wildlife guide, server, or tutor. You can find many jobs on related websites.

Graduate Jobs in the UK for International Students

After completing their studies, International students can pursue a career in the UK. For this purpose, they will need to change their visa status. For job hunting, they will require a few websites that post available jobs. You can easily find a job related to your field in the UK. Sometimes candidates need to change city or state; however, getting a job after graduation from the UK is not challenging.

Advantages of Working While Studying in the UK

There are countless benefits of engaging yourself in the job while studying. However, it is very tough, and sometimes you will likely get rid of the job, but in the long run, it can greatly benefit your career path.

  1. Studying abroad away from family can bring many challenges. Financial instability is one of them. The main reason for getting a job is to reach financial stability. You may not be earning a lot, but even with less, you can bear some of the expenses.
  2. Along with money, a job is providing with experience. If the job is related to your field, you are gaining field experience while being a student. Even if the job is not related to your field, you are still learning skills like public dealing, management, cash handling, etc.
  3. If you are lucky enough to get a job related to your field, you can practice what you have studied. You can demonstrate your knowledge at your workplace and showcase your skills in your lecture room or laboratories.
  4. If you are a non-native English speaker, doing a job can improve your English. Even if you have a qualified language test, still, during the job, you will get in contact with people from different backgrounds having different accents. You will learn how to interact with them.
  5. Another significant benefit is that you will get references that can later help you if you desire to pursue a work career in the UK.

Platforms to Search the Jobs

Here are some of the best websites that post every type of job available in the UK.

  1. Indeed
  2. Glassdoor
  3. Totaljobs
  4. Reed
  5. Monster.

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