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Bonne has an internationally recognized university. The University of Bonn is one of the largest universities in Germany and the only one located at Bonn. It has a QS ranking of 240th, while THE World University Ranking of 114th. Currently, it has around 37,500 students out of which about 13% are international students. Academic expenses are around 4,500€ per semester. It offers the following double degree programs in BA/MA/MSc to foreign students:-

  • Agricultural and Food Economics (MSc), (Affiliated with the University of Wageningen), deals with natural resources' preservation through sustainable/competitive agri-food sector. Graduates could work as consultants and insurers, in non-profit organizations, private businesses/associations, agricultural and food authorities, environmental protection, development corporations.
  • Transnational European and East Asian Culture and History (MA TEACH), (Affiliated with University of Tsukuba & Korea University), is a joint degree with several students limited to five per university. They are selected in a special application process which is carried out jointly by the three universities. Students start their studies at their home university and spend a semester each in Germany, Japan, and Korea.
  • Asian Studies (MA), Profile “Chinese Language and Translation” (Affiliated with Beijing Foreign Studies University), deals with Chinese linguistics and translation studies as well as sinology. A double degree is possible for a group of 5 students. Graduates could seek careers as translators/interpreters, German teachers at Chinese institutions, Chinese teachers at German institutions, organizers and employees at trade fairs/cultural events, and freelance translators/interpreters. The applicant should have a high proficiency in Chinese.
  • Franco-German Studies (BA/MA), (Affiliated with Sorbonne-University), focuses on philology & cultural studies. The students get exposure to both cultures and get a double diploma from both universities. Graduates join fields like journalism, PR, cultural/research management, cultural/economic relations, media
  • The communications industry, book industry, education, multinational/ international organizations/ public authorities, tourism, or academia.
  • German-Italian Studies (MA) (Affiliated with the University of Florence), focuses on Italian and German linguistic studies, with a semester at the University of Florence also and offers the possibility to simultaneously attain twin degrees from Germany as well as Italy. Graduates seek careers in cultural/research management, journalism/ media/communications industry, cultural/economic relations, book industry, international organizations and authorities, academia, etc.
  • Geography of Environmental Risks & Human Security (MSc) (Affiliated with UN University, Tokyo/Bonn), is a joint degree program offered by both universities. Explores interrelationships between environmental risks and human security. The graduates could get employed in fields of international collaboration, climate change research, disaster management, humanitarian aid, spatial planning, and sustainability policy at international organizations/ institutions.
  • German and Comparative Literature (MA) (Affiliated with of St Andrews University, UK), is a study at two universities dealing with literary criticism cultural studies; content/ methods of German Studies as well as comparative literature. It exposes students to two academic cultures. After completion of dual degree students will receive -Scottish double Master of Arts/ Master of Letters degree. The graduates seek careers in the fields of education, book industry, culture, embassies, media, administration, and academia.
  • Renaissance Studies (MA) (Affiliated with the University of Florence), is a program that deals with the culture of the 14th to 16th centuries in the fields of Italian studies, art history, and Neo-Latin philology, which are compulsory in Bonn. The compulsory elective subjects enable the formation of a profile based on individual interests by choosing events from the areas of Protestant church history, history, English studies, theater studies, and other European literature.
  • Spanish Culture and European thought: Tradition and Survival (MA), (Affiliated with Leon University, Spain), combines Romance studies, Spanish studies, and European contemporary intellectual history. Graduates receive a double degree. It facilitates a career in research management, education, book industry, culture, media/journalism, administration, teaching in the German school system and academia.

The university also offers the following postgraduate programs:-

  • Global Health Risk Management & Hygiene Policies.
  • Master of Drug Regulatory Affairs– bilingual program English/German.
  • Master in Governance and regulation

Information on application, admission, and enrollment at the University of Bonn is available at https://www.uni-bonn.de/studying/vor-dem-studium/bewerbung-zulassung-en?set_language=en.

Before getting admission to a German university, an equivalence certificate ("Abitur”) is essential. You may have to complete one year of undergraduate studies before you may start your studies in Germany. Another option is to undergo a foundation course in Germany (Studienkolleg) and pass a test ("Feststellungspruefung"), provided you have a basic knowledge of German. Students having cleared A-levels may apply directly for an undergraduate course.

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