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Are you ready to Apply?

Struggling to choose a course? So did many of us.

Looking for a best course to study from Canada or USA? Or you are waiting to get your results and then want to apply in international universities? Is low GPA will accepted or you need to improve your GPA? Looking for GRE or GMAT? Confused between SAT or ACT? A good budget or a low budget? Thousands of questions in your mind but it’s hard to find the answers to them but no worries we are here to guide you about when you are ready to apply for studying abroad.

It’s never too late to apply but we need to make sure few things when we are thinking of studying abroad.

Passports or Traveling documents

you need to make sure that your passports are valid and ready. If not then you can renew your passports or apply for the new one, as it’s necessary to have a travel document when applying for your admission abroad.

Educational Documents

When thinking of applying for study abroad, you must have your all educational documents ready which includes your Matric/O levels results, Intermediate/A levels results, bachelors transcripts and degree, recommendation letters from your lecturers, school leaving certificate, experience letters if any.

Proof of Funds

This is one of the most important factor which needs to be considered. Most universities ask for maintained bank statement in order to check whether the student is genuine and they have enough financial capacity and amount to utilize for studies abroad along with the living cost. If you have enough funds then you are all set to apply.

Traveling history and Visa refusal letters

Maybe you must have travelled before to different countries or when applying instead got a visa refusal letter. If you have visa refusal letters then you must make sure that you have all the refusal letters with you when applying to the university abroad. Apart from this, if you have a good travelling history then you must also keep a track of your travelling history so that it will be easier for you when giving credibility interview to the university or when filing visa.

Medical Examination

This is very important when applying for visa application. Countries like Canada, Australia, USA, UK needs medical examination from IOM. This is mandatory for students to have this when applying for visa.

GRE/ GMAT Requirements

Not every but some universities have similar requirements. If you are interested to start your studies abroad without pathway then you can give your GRE or GMAT examination in order to apply directly to the university.

SAT/ACT Requirements

If you are interested to apply for your bachelors program without pathway then you must give your SAT or ACT tests to apply directly in the university that you are interested to study.

IELTS Requirements

Some universities might waive off English Proficiency requirement but mostly you need to have IELTS or TOEFL test scores in order to meet the English requirements of the university.

These are the major documentations that you must arrange when you are thinking to apply for your studies abroad. To compile such documents it does take time but you can complete them and once you complete them then you are all set to apply for your university placement and visa application.

These are the basic information but once you book your appointment with one of our counsellors you will be able to gather most of the information relevant to your study destination and you will be able to work in one direction along with proper guidance and assistance.

We understand that it’s hard for you to find the perfect course so for that our counsellors are ever ready to help you with it and to let you find the perfect course according to your dream career.

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