University of Vermont (Undergradue)

The University of Vermont and State Agricultural College, more commonly known as the University of Vermont or UVM, is a public research University and, after 1862, the U.S. state of Vermont’s land-grant University. The largest city in the safe and healthy state of Vermont, Burlington is recognized as one of the best college towns in America.

The University of Vermont is the 5th oldest university in New England (after Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth and Brown), the University of Vermont has distinguished programs in business, biological and health sciences, environmental studies, engineering, and other fields. University of Vermont is ranked Top 100 US University (nationally ranked #92 by U.S. News & World Report). University of Vermont is declared the 36 best public universities (U.S. News & World Report)

The University’s outstanding reputation and location in one of America’s most beautiful regions attract students from around the world. Career Services and academic departments allow students to develop programs that support their interests.60% of business students do a summer business-related internship.

The University of Vermont combines faculty-student relationships most commonly found in a small liberal arts college with the resources of a major research institution.

Accountancy (BS, CRED, HBS)
Agricultural Business Management (BS, HBS)
Agricultural Sciences (BS, CRED, HBS)
Animal Sciences (BS, CRED, HBS)
Anthropology (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
Apparel Design (BS, CRED, HBS)
Bioengineering (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
Biology (BS, CRED, HBS)
Bioresource Research (BS, CRED, HBS)
Botany (BS, CRED, HBS)
Business Administration (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
Business Information Systems (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
Chemical Engineering (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
Chemistry (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
Civil Engineering (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
College Student Services Administration (EDM, MS)
Computer Science (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
Construction Engineering Management (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
Crop and Soil Science (BS, CRED, HBS)
Earth Sciences (BS, CRED, HBS)
Ecological Engineering (BS, CRED, HBS)
Economics (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
Education (BA, BS, HBA, HBS)
Electrical and Computer Engineering (BS, CRED, HBS)
Environmental Economics and Policy (BS, HBS)
Environmental Engineering (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
Exercise and Sport Science (BS, CRED, HBS)
Finance (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
Food Science and Technology (BS, CRED, HBS)
Forest Engineering – Civil Engineering (BS, CRED, HBS)
Forest Engineering (BS, CRED, HBS)
General Science (BS, CRED, HBS)
Horticulture (BS, CRED, HBS)
Human Development and Family Sciences (BS, CRED, HBS)
Industrial Engineering (BS, CRED, HBS)
Industrial Engineering (BS, CRED, HBS)
Interior Design (BS, CRED, HBS)
Liberal Studies (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
Management (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
Management (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
Manufacturing Engineering (BS, CRED, HBS)
Marketing (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
Marketing (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
Mathematics (BS, CRED, HBS)
Mechanical Engineering (BS, CRED, HBS)
Merchandising Management (BS, CRED, HBS)
Music (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
Nuclear Engineering (BS, CRED, HBS)
Nutrition (BS, CRED, HBS)
Philosophy (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
Physics (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
Public Health (BS, CRED, HBS)
Radiation Health Physics (BS, CRED, HBS)
Recreation Resource Management (BS, CRED, HBS)
Renewable Materials (BS, CRED, HBS)
Sociology (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
Tourism and Outdoor Leadership (BS, CRED)

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