University of South Florida (Undergradue)

Founded in 1956, the University of South, The University of South Florida is a high-impact, global research university located in beautiful Tampa Bay on Florida’s spectacular west coast. It is one of the largest public Universities in the nation, and among the top 50 universities, public or private, for federal research expenditures. The University is one of only four Florida public Universities  & One of only 40 Public Universities (out of 1705 Universities ranked) to earn the Carnegie Foundation’s Tier-1 Very High Research Activity & Community engagement designations.

The University of South Florida is a Safe diverse University of more than 47000 students from all 50 US States and 157 Countries at its campuses in Tampa, St. Petersburg and Sarasota-Manatee. View the USF System Fact Book or the USF Infomart for enrollment statistics, degrees awarded and more.

South Florida University is ranked 27th among US Public Institutions in the 2011 edition of Top American Research Universities

USF is one of only 25 Universities nationwide that holds both “very high research” and “community engaged” designations by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. This combination creates a learning environment where you can actively participate in the discovery of knowledge. USF’s renowned faculty generates over $390 million in contract and grant-sponsored research each year.

USF offers various research opportunities open to all undergraduates to apply the knowledge gained in the classroom. Students involved in the Research Experiences for Undergraduates program serve as research apprentices to faculty members from fields as diverse as anthropology, geography, sociology, education, public health and engineering.

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This university is offering undergraduate and postgraduate level academic programs, with its fields of studies—like anthropology, education,
engineering, geography, public health, and sociology.

Accounting (BA, BS)
Acoustic & Electronic Composition (BM)
Adult Community Services (BS)
Advertising (BA)
Advertising (BA, BS)
Africana Studies (BA)
Aging Health Studies (BS)
American Studies (BA)
Anthropology (BA)
Anthropology (BA)
Applied Behavior Analysis (BS)
Applied Science (BSAS)
Art History (BA)
Athletic Training (BS)
Ballet (BFA)
Behavioral Health Research (BS)
Behavioral Healthcare (BS)
Behavioral Healthcare (BS,BA)
Biochemistry/Biotechnology (BS)
Biological Health Sciences (BS)
Biology Education (BA, BS)
Biomedical Science (BS)
Broadcast News (BA)
Broadcast-Program and Production (BA)
Cell and Molecular Biology (BS)
Chemical Engineering (BS)
Chemistry (BS)
Chemistry Education (BA, BS)
Children’s Mental Health (BS)
Civil Engineering (BS)
Communication (BA)
Communication (BA)
Computer Engineering (BS)
Computer Science (BS)
Creative Writing (BA)
Criminal Justice (BSAS)
Criminology (BA)
Criminology (BA)
Culture and Media (BA)
Dance (BFA)
Dance Studies Concentration (BA)
Deaf Studies (BA)
Deaf Studies (BSAS)
Design (BA)
Early Childhood Education: Pre Kindergarten/Primary (BA, BS)
Economics (BA)
Economics (BA, BS)
Electrical Engineering (BSc)
Elementary Education (BA, BS)
English (BA)
English Education with ESOL Endorsement  (BA, BS)
Environmental Biology (BS)
Environmental Microbiology (BS)
Environmental Policy & Management (BSAS)
Environmental Science and Policy (BA)
Environmental Science and Policy (BS)
Exceptional Child Education with ESOL & Reading Endorsement  (BA, BS)
Exercise Science (BA, BS)
Finance (BA, BS)
General Business Administration (BA, BS)
Geography (BA)
Geography (BA)
Geology (BA, BS)
German Studies (BA)
Gerontology (BA)
Gerontology (BA)
Gerontology (BSAS)
Health Communication (BA)
Health Information Technology (BS)
Health Management (BS)
Health Professions (BA)
Health Science (BS)
History (BA)
History (BA)
Humanities (BA)
Humanities (BA)
Identity and Community (BA)
Industrial Engineering (BS)
Inequality and Social Justice (BA)
Information Studies (BS)
Information Studies: Information Architecture (BSAS)
Information Technology (BS)
Information Technology (BSAS)
Integrative Animal Biology (BS)
Interdisciplinary Classical Civilizations (BA)
Interdisciplinary Natural Sciences (BS)
Interdisciplinary Social Sciences (BA)
International Business (BA)
International Studies (BA)
International Studies (BA)
Interpreter Training (BA)
Interpreter Training (BA)
Jazz Studies (BM)
Journalism-Magazine (BA)
Journalism-News-Editorial (BA)
Language, Speech, and Hearing (BA)
Language-Speech-Hearing (BA)
Leadership Studies (BSAS)
Library and Information Sciences (BA)
Literary Studies (BA)
Long Term Care Administration (BS)
Management (BA)
Management Information Systems (BA, BS)
Marine Biology (BS)
Marketing (BA, BS)
Mass Communications (BA)
Mass Communications (BA)
Mathematics (BA)
Mathematics Education (BA, BS)
Mathematics Education (BA, BS)
Mechanical Engineering (BS)
Medical Technology (BS)
Microbiology (BS)
Middle School Mathematics (BA, BS)
Middle School Science Education (BA, BS)
Modern Dance (BFA)
Multidisciplinary Behavioral Sciences (BA)
Music Education (BS)
Music Performance (BM)
Music Studies (BA)
Nursing: RN to Bachelor’s Sequence (BS)
Nursing: Second Bachelor’s Degree Sequence (BS)
Nursing: Upper Division Sequence (BS)
Organizational Communication (BA)
Performance (BA)
Performance (BM)
Performance Studies (BA)
Philosophy (BA)
Physical Education (BA, BS)
Physical Education (BA, BS)
Physics (BS, BA)
Physics Education (BA, BS)
Political Science (BA)
Political Science (BA)
Professional Writing, Rhetoric and Technology (BA)
Psychology (BA)
Psychology (BA)
Public Administration (BA)
Public Administration (BSAS)
Public Advocacy (BA)
Public Health (BS)
Public Health (BSAS)
Public Relations (BA)
Relational Communication (BA)
Religious Studies (BA)
Religious Studies (BA)
Science Education (BA, BS)
Science Education (BA, BS)
Social and Behavioral Health Sciences (BS)
Social Science Education(BA, BS)
Social Work (BA, BS)
Sociology (BA)
Sociology (BA)
Statistics (BA)
Studio Art (BA)
Theatre (BA)
Theatre Arts Concentration (BA)
Urban Studies (BSAS)
Women’s and Gender Studies (BA)
Women’s Studies (BA)

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