The University of Massachusetts Lowell has been educating students for over a hundred years, and is part of the respected 'University of Massachusetts System'. The UMass Lowell campus spans more than 125 acres along the Merrimack River, and is only a few minutes' walk to the center of the City of Lowell.
UMass Lowell has five colleges, which offer over 88 majors, 72 minors, 45 'fast track' Bachelor's-Master's degree programs, and a number of new Professional Science Master's programs. The university has an international reputation in Science, Engineering and Technology, and is a leader in nanotechnology, nano-manufacturing, bio-manufacturing, bioinformatics and advanced materials research. The 12,000 students studying at UMass Lowell can choose from 120 degrees and over 100 student clubs. UMass Lowell celebrates its diversity through campus-wide ethnic festivals, culture-specific organizations and academics that prepare students to succeed in the world marketplace.
For international students thinking about studying for a Bachelor's or Master's degree in the USA, Navitas offers an Undergraduate Pathway Program and a Pre-Master's Program at the University of Massachusetts Lowell (UMass Lowell). Navitas at UMass Lowell is located at the University of Massachusetts Lowell campus in the historic city of Lowell. Only 30 minutes from the heart of Boston.
The University Pathway Program (UPP) at Navitas at UMass Lowell provides students with the knowledge and skills to enable them to successfully complete their Master’s degree in the U.S. The University Pathway Program is offered in a two OR three-semester format. As a Navitas at UMass Lowell student are considered as university student from Day 1. Throughout degree, studies will be monitored by both Navitas and UMass Lowell to ensure academic success.
Intakes: Janaury, May & August

Pre-Masters Programs

  • Arts
  • Business Administration
  • Engineering
  • Sciences

Progession Degrees at University of Massachusetts Lowell

Courses search by Alphabetically

  • Accounting (MBA)
  • Autism Studies (MS)
  • Biological Sciences (MS)
  • Biotechnology (MS)
  • Chemical Engineering (MS Engineering)
  • Chemistry (MS)
  • Civil Engineering (MS Engineering)
  • Clinical Laboratory Sciences (MS)
  • Community and Social Psychology (MA)
  • Computer Engineering  (MS Engineering)
  • Computer Science (MS)
  • Criminal Justice (MA)
  • Economic and Social Development of Regions (MA)
  • Electrical Engineering (MS Engineering)
  • Energy Engineering (MS Engineering)
  • Environmental Studies (MS)
  • Finance (MBA)
  • Informatics & Management (MS)
  • Information Technology (MBA)
  • Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship (MS)
  • Mathematics (MS)
  • Mechanical Engineering (MS Engineering)
  • Occupational & Environmental Health (MS)
  • Peace and Conflict Studies (MA)
  • Physics (MS)
  • Plastics Engineering (MS Engineering)