University of Central Oklahoma (Undergradue)

The University of Central Oklahoma, often referred to as UCO, is a coeducational public university located in Edmond, Oklahoma. The university is the third largest in Oklahoma, with more than 17,000 students and approximately 434 full-time and 400 adjunct faculty. Founded in 1890, the University of Central Oklahoma was one of the first institutions of higher learning to be established in what would become the state of Oklahoma, making it one of the oldest universities in the southwest region of the United States of America.

It is home to the American branch of the British Academy of Contemporary Music in downtown Oklahoma City, directed by noted indie music agent and manager Scott Booker.There is no other university in America that offers over 114 undergraduate degrees, over 57 graduate degrees, a beautiful and centralized campus in one of the top ten safest cities in the heart of America, class sizes averaging 20 to 25 students, and costs less than $22,000 a year for everything: tuition, housing, food, insurance, books and miscellaneous items.

Moreover, on-campus housing is highly ranked in satisfaction surveys. U.S. News and World Reports Best Colleges 2012 & 2013 lists UCO to be one of the Tier One Institutions among the Regional Universities in the West Region and, most importantly, international students love the community friendliness they find and the extraordinary care and attention they receive from distinguished faculty and staff, including the top ranked professor in America!

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Accounting, (B.S.)
Actuarial Science, (B.S.)
Applied Liberal Arts, (B.A.)
Art – Studio Art, (B.F.A.)
Art Education, (B.A.Ed.)
Art Entrepreneurship, (B.A.)
Biology – Biomedical Science, (B.S.)
Biology – Medical Laboratory Science, (B.S.)
Biology, (B.S.)
Biomedical Engineering, (B.S.)
Business Administration, (B.B.A.)
Business Administration-International Business, (B.B.A.)
Business Administration-Legal Studies, (B.B.A.)
Chemistry – ACS Certificate, (B.S.)
Chemistry – Health Sciences, (B.S.)
Chemistry, (B.S.)
Communication – Interpersonal Communication, (B.A.)
Community/Public Health, (B.S.)
Computer Science – Applied, (B.S.)
Computer Science – Information Science, (B.S.)
Computer Science, (B.S.)
Contemporary Music Business, (A.A.S.)
Contemporary Music Performance, (A.A.S.)
Contemporary Music Production, (A.A.S.)
Criminal Justice – Corrections, (B.A.)
Criminal Justice – General Criminal Justice, (B.A.)
Criminal Justice – Police, (B.A.)
Design – Graphic Design, (B.F.A.)
Design – Interior Design, (B.F.A.)
Early Childhood Education, (B.S.Ed.)
Economics-Energy Economics -(B.B.A.)
Elementary Education, (B.S.Ed.)
Engineering Physics – Electrical Engineering, (B.S.)
Engineering Physics – Mechanical Engineering, (B.S.)
Engineering Physics – Physics, (B.S.)
English – Creative Writing, (B.A.)
English Education, (B.A.Ed.)
English, (B.A.)
Family Life Education – Child Development, (B.S.)
Family Life Education – Gerontology, (B.S.)
Family Life Education – Marriage and Family, (B.S.)
Fashion Marketing, (B.S.)
Finance – Insurance and Risk Management, (B.B.A.)
Finance, (B.B.A.)
Forensic Science – Chemistry, (B.S.)
Forensic Science – Digital Forensics, (B.S.)
Forensic Science – Molecular Biology, (B.S.)
Forensic Science, (B.S.)
Funeral Service, (B.S.)
General Studies, (B.S.)
Geography, (B.A.)
Global Art and Visual Culture, (B.A.)
Humanities, (B.A.)
Industrial Safety, (B.S.)
Information and Operations Management – Management Information Systems, (B.B.A.)
Information and Operations Management – Operations & Supply Chain Mgmt, (B.B.A.)
Kinesiology – Exercise/Fitness Management, (B.S.)
Kinesiology – Outdoor and Community Recreation, (B.S.)
Management – Human Resource Management, (B.B.A.)
Management – PGA Golf Management, (B.B.A.)
Management, (B.B.A.)
Marketing – Professional Selling, (B.B.A.)
Marketing, (B.B.A.)
Mass Communication – Professional Media, (B.A.)
Mathematics – Applied Mathematics, (B.S.)
Mathematics – Statistics, (B.S.)
Mathematics Education, (B.S.Ed.)
Mathematics, (B.S.)
Nursing, (B.S.)
Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Management, (B.S.)
Organizational Leadership, (B.S.)
Philosophy, (B.A.)
Photographic Arts, (B.A.)
Physical Education/Health, (B.S.Ed.)
Political Science – Public Administration, (B.A.)
Political Science, (B.A.)
Psychology, (B.A.)
Science Education – Biology, (B.S.Ed.)
Science Education – Chemistry, (B.S.Ed.)
Science Education – General Science, (B.S.Ed.)
Science Education – Physical Science, (B.S.Ed.)
Science Education – Physics, (B.S.Ed.)
Sociology – Human Services, (B.A.)
Sociology – Substance Abuse Studies, (B.A.)
Sociology, (B.A.)
Software Engineering, (B.S.)
Special Education – Mild-Moderate Disabilities, (B.S.Ed.)
Special Education – Severe-Profound/Multiple Disabilities, (B.S.Ed.)
Speech/Language Pathology, (B.S.)
Strategic Communications-Organizational Communication, (B.A.)
Strategic Communications-Strategic Communications, (B.A.)
Technology Application Studies, (B.A.T.)
Theatre Arts – Design and Technology, (B.F.A.)
Theatre Arts – Performance, (B.F.A.)
Theatre/Communication Education, (B.F.A.Ed.)

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