The Internional College of Manitoba (ICM)

The University of Manitoba (U of M) is a public University in the province of Manitoba, Canada. Located in Winnipeg, it is Manitoba’s largest, most comprehensive, and only research-intensive post-secondary educational institution. Founded in 1877, the University of Manitoba is western Canada’s first university. The University is comprised of the Fort Garry and Bannatyne campuses located in south and central Winnipeg respectively, as well as a wide range of research centres and institutes.

The university has over 24,000 undergraduate students and over 3000 graduate students and offers 82 degrees, 51 at the undergraduate level. International students comprise about 10% of the student population and come from over 90 countries. University of Manitoba students, educators and researchers earn national and international recognition for their achievements that improve health, advance technology and provide new insights about people and the world.

International College of Manitoba provides pathway programs to the University of Manitoba. While studying at ICM, students’  have access to all the university facilities, Libraries, computer labs, recreation facilities, health services, careers counselling and on-campus accommodation. ICM student able to choose from a program in Business, Arts, Science or Engineering and will be able to progress into a wide range of University Degrees in these areas. Smaller classes and extra academic teaching hours mean student will finish their program with an intensive understanding of your subjects – and will be completely prepared for their second year at the University of Manitoba.

HS Consultants – a highly famous foreign education service provider, serves for the last many years, at Karachi with its presence in Lahore and Faisalabad, coupled with its international office in UK is getting admission for the highly brilliant Pakistani students in the renowned colleges and universities abroad, exclusively in International College of Manitoba Canada.

The International College of Manitoba is offering the fields of studies—like Business, Arts, Science or Engineering, so there are bigger chances for the students to learn and enrich their knowledge to advance themselves in varied domains either it is college education or the knowledge about all domains of life.

The ICM is the pathway to the University of Manitoba, to move into a higher stratum of education that would enable you to get a highly accredited and recognized degree that would be helpful to outclass in your professional career and future.

Aboriginal Business Studies (Bachelor of Commerce (Honours))
Accounting (Bachelor of Commerce (Honours))
Actuarial Mathematics (Bachelor of Commerce (Honours))
Actuarial Mathematics (Bachelor of Science)
Anthropology (Bachelor of Arts)
Applied Mathematics with Options (Bachelor of Science)
Biochemistry (Bachelor of Science)
Biology (Bachelor of Science)
Biosystems Engineering (Bachelor of Science (Engineering))
Biotechnology (Bachelor of Science)
Botany (Bachelor of Science)
Chemistry (Bachelor of Science)
Chemistry/Physics (Bachelor of Science)
Civil Engineering (Bachelor of Science (Engineering))
Classical Studies (Bachelor of Arts)
Computer Engineering (Bachelor of Science (Engineering))
Computer Science (Bachelor of Science)
Computer Science/Mathematics (Bachelor of Science)
Computer Science/Physics and Astronomy (Bachelor of Science)
Computer Science/Statistics (Bachelor of Science)
Ecology (Bachelor of Science)
Economics (Bachelor of Arts)
Electrical Engineering (Bachelor of Science (Engineering))
English, Film & Theatre (Bachelor of Arts)
Entrepreneurship/Small Business (Bachelor of Commerce (Honours))
Finance (Bachelor of Commerce (Honours))
French, Spanish & Italian (Bachelor of Arts)
Generalist (Bachelor of Commerce (Honours))
Genetics(Bachelor of Science)
German and Slavic Studies (Bachelor of Arts)
History (Bachelor of Arts)
Human Resource Management (Bachelor of Commerce (Honours))
Icelandic Studies (Bachelor of Arts)
International Business (Bachelor of Commerce (Honours))
Linguistics (Bachelor of Arts)
Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Bachelor of Commerce (Honours))
Management Information Systems (Bachelor of Commerce (Honours))
Management of Organizations (Bachelor of Commerce (Honours))
Marketing (Bachelor of Commerce (Honours))
Mathematics (Bachelor of Science)
Mathematics/Economics (Bachelor of Science)
Mathematics/Physics and Astronomy (Bachelor of Science)
Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor of Science (Engineering))
Microbiology (Bachelor of Science)
Native Studies (Bachelor of Arts)
Operational Research/Operations Management (Bachelor of Commerce (Honours))
Philosophy (Bachelor of Arts)
Physics and Astronomy (Bachelor of Science)
Political Studies (Bachelor of Arts)
Psychology (Bachelor of Arts)
Religion (Bachelor of Arts)
Sociology (Bachelor of Arts)
Statistics (Bachelor of Science)
Statistics/Actuarial (Bachelor of Science)
Statistics/Economics (Bachelor of Science)
Statistics/Mathematics (Bachelor of Science)
Zoology (Bachelor of Science)

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