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USA Internship

Internships leading to a job in the USA

What's your visa status?

According to the expert's Internships for international students are grant based on visa status so before applying for an internship please check your visa type.

Students holding F1 student visas are eligible for internships in the USA. They can intern off-campus, which is also known as Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and Optional Practical Training (OPT). You can intern after two full academic semesters at the university. However, in the case in which students who have already completed a previous degree in the U.S. and has already been issued an F-1 visa for that degree, the two academic semester condition is not applied. For the OPT internship, students are not required to necessarily need to be a part of the student's curriculum. The approval for the up to 12-17 month internship must be gained from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

For individuals holding J-1 exchange visitor visas, eligibility works slightly differently. If students are under academic training, their employers need to provide an offer letter and documentation to the International Student Services team to acquire internship approval.

What is the secret to getting an internship in the USA?

Networking, Networking, and Networking are like a secret sauce for the survival of the fittest! You have to build relations, stay connected, and know about the opportunities. If you are already studying in the US, hang out with your local as well as international friends. Make friends who can help you in a long run and also increase your chances to get into the OPT program.

Explore 5 HOT internships in the USA that can lead to a job for international students!

  1. IES Internships: It has more than 55 years of providing internship opportunities in the 12 global cities. The students can opt from the 18 programs available and can avail guaranteed unpaid internship 18 programs in 12 global cities.
  2. USEH International: the organization offers a wide range of paid internship opportunities for international students in the field of business, covering sales, human resources, marketing, and finance.
  1. Placement International: Placement International: If you are a student looking for an internship in the luxury and hotel industry so the platform is especially for you as this cultural exchange program focuses on the hospitality industry with top luxury hotel chains, high-end hospitality properties, and Michelin-star Chefs.
  1. World Internships: Blend into American workplaces with World internships, where you will expand your professional networking and leadership meetings.
  2. Intern and Earn credits: Many universities including Boston University offer internships as a degree requirement. International students can receive credit along with professional training. Students can now earn in America's capital city whilst experiencing politics, leadership, and public policy (Thoesen, 2020).

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