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Wales is part of the United Kingdom which lies in the Western part of England on the island of Great Britain. It is a mountainous country known for its natural beauty and rugged coastline. The people of Wales are proud of their nationality and culture. Welsh language is the oldest verbal in Britain, estimated to be nearly old as 4,000 years. About a third of the population speaks Welsh today, with the highest rates in Carmarthenshire and the capital, Cardiff. The town of Wales holds the division of having the name of the longest place in Europe and the second-longest in the world.

The two largest cities in Wales are Cardiff and Swansea. Cardiff is a city rich in history and culture. A visit to Cardiff Castle will take you back to 2,000 years, and the Victorian-era Central Market has stalls selling everything from handmade jewelry to fresh plants and vegetables under a glass roof.


Wales enjoys some of the lowest living costs in Britain. Compared to most places of the UK, Wales often has low costs on things like accommodation, travel, food, entertainment, and shopping on time enjoy the same high-quality goods to services like the rest of the UK! With the sea around the world continues three sides, Wales is the end of the world the earth has a perfect coastal path. The landscape is suitable for all types of activities that include walking, climbing, and cycling in all kinds of water sports. Always Every town in Wales has an abundance of individual and team opportunities sports, including the famous country sports - rugby! There is also a wide range of cultural and recreational areas and events - from theaters and galleries to bars and clubs. With over 600 castles - there are more here in square miles than anywhere else in the rest of the world - and six UNESCO world heritage sites, you live inside an amazing range of our rich and diverse cultural values.


As part of the world-famous UK higher education system, Welsh universities offer higher education degrees honored by employers and academics around the world. Quality research supports innovation in an environment for learning and teaching, and more than three-quarters of the study what is done at universities in Wales are judged to be 'the world's foremost' or 'global' excellent '. The universities too, have had a long relationship with some of the best companies in the world from NASA and Hewlett-Packard to Royal Royce and British Aerospace. As a result, 92% of students who graduate from universities in Wales get a job within six months of university. The universities are working to ensure that foreign students have the best of both worlds possible learning experiences through providing their bespoke support packages. Some of the services available include pre-departure summaries students in their country, free Welcome services at the airport, English support for language and learning skills, and visiting places of interest in the UK.


Wales (or Cymru as it is called in Welsh) has different cultures, festivals, and music throughout Britain. English is spoken by everyone, but one in five people speak Welsh, from an ancient Celtic language. Islam is the largest non-Christian religion in Wales and there are 40 Muslims in the country, including other university campuses such as Swansea University.


Except for the capital Cardiff, the cost of renting a room or apartment in Wales is much lower than the UK average. Most students live on a university residence budget for the first year. There are also many courses, scholarships, and other funding options available. Visit the university's website for details.

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