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SOP Applying to UK

Before diving into the tips for writing SOP, it is important to know what is Statement Purpose (SOP) is.

What is a Statement of Purpose?

Statement of Purpose (SOP) is also referred to as a student statement or letter of intent. This is usually submitted as a sort of personal essay. When students are applying to international universities, they are required to submit a Statement of Purpose which plays a very crucial role in the universities' application abroad. SOP articulates the individual’s paths and goals. It is basically a self-reflection which students are representing to the international universities to acquire admission.

Why is the Statement of Purpose important?

SOP is an important part of your university application. It helps the admission committee assess your personality, academic background, securities, interest, future career goals, and motivation to study the intended course, subject knowledge, and vision. In short, a well-written SOP displays your overall personality for the schools. A well-written SOP also reveals how well you'll express your thoughts using your writing skills. The SOP should no longer be written for more than two pages for students applying to UK universities.

What should be included within the Statement of Purpose?

There are several elements that are vital for your Statement of Purpose. These include:

  • Personal background/ interest and hobbies.
  • Why student have selected the UK as their study destination
  • Financial details?
  • How this course is relevant to student’s work history and academic background
  • Course benefits?
  • Post-graduation plans
  • Reasons for why a student has selected a particular university.

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