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Permanent Residency Opportunities in UK

United Kingdom considered being one of the finest choices for pursuing higher education as it is a great blend of mix cultures. It is home to student-friendly environment and rated amongst the leaders in almost all sectors. UK has known universities in the list of the top 100 world universities ranking.

UK welcomes international students wholeheartedly to study and also be a permanent resident after compiling with the rules and regulation of the immigration authorities. UK welcomes all religion and does not discriminate towards any belief practice.

There recent changes announced by the UK Government , new policies are considerably lenient for international students to seek possible Permanent Residency and stay in the United Kingdom upon graduation and availing two year of post study work permit. The new point based system welcomes opportunities for international student community.

You can follow some basic steps to see your possibilities to stay permanent in the UK as a international student coming from Pakistan.

Get Admission in UK University

Secure your admission at top universities in the UK with intention to continue higher education. There are many associated interest that will allow you to consider the education system , including personal, social and economic factors. International students are much encouraged by UK communities, as it diversifies opportunities for others and local residents as well. You will find many residents who came to UK as a student and after which looked after settlement.

Apply Student Visa Tier 4

Securing UK University is the first step, where it is incomplete until you have your Tier 4 student visa grant with you to travel to the UK and join commencement of classes. You can find information on our UK Student Visa Requirement Page for more details.

Work While Studying

International students are allowed to part take in temporary jobs or internship during studies, which allows them to seek professional skills and network around the community. This is a wonderful prospect to work 20 hours a week to learn and earn something extra during their temporary stay in the UK.

Two Year Post Study Work Permit

New relax plans for international allows staying back in the United Kingdom to seek possible employability opportunities up to two years to gain professional experience and grow as per prior learning of UK degree. This is lucrative opportunity for International student to grow network and make connections around the industry to see full employment even after post study work rights expire.

Apply for PR in UK

If you compile with all the rules and meet the requirement issued by the UK Government then you can see possible PR prospects, although this is not guaranteed but just an opportunity to avail.

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