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Who doesn’t want to visit the magnificent city? LONDON

London is the world’s largest and most vibrant city. It is so popular that people outside England believe that London is the country. It is very dominant and offers a variety of opportunities for people as London’s labor market is huge and it is easy to find employment there.

If you step in the most advanced city, you will explore the most traditional and magnificent ancient buildings; the Palace of Westminster, London Eye, Trafalgar Square, Tower of London, Art Galleries, and Big Ben. Isn't it interesting? Explore more interesting facts about London with us.


New in the mega-city of the UK? As excited as it sounds, for some people it is difficult to understand the city routes and adapt in the hustle-bustle of the city. You need to memorize the emergency call number; 101, just in case if you are stuck anywhere and in any problem.

People are helpful and supportive but it depends on whom you have bumped into. Chit chatting in the walkways and socializing on public transport is not too common there. You need to take care of your belongings and do not advertise your phone or expensive gadgets in public transports or the dark spots.

Take care of your mental safety

If you are stressed of university competitive curriculum, difficulty in adapting the university’s culture or feeling anxiety in the new city so you need to take care of your mental health.

Almost every university in London has a student union that is committed to assist students with any troubles. It also offers expert counseling services that will guide students by giving adequate advice and support. Some universities are also using pet animals such as dogs and puppies to release the student’s stress during the exam period.

Take a stress buster

Go out and chill, London offers many outdoor spots for students. Many people gather in the park runs for fitness and stress-relieving purposes. It is also an excellent ground for people to socialize and gives yous a sense of community and belonging.

Challenge the taste buds

It does not matter which part of the world you belong to and what kind of food do you eat as London offers a wide range of cuisines. You will not just be able to find your country designed restaurants but you will be able to explore a variety of different kinds of food.

If you love to taste curry then you need to visit Brick Lane as it provides the best kind of curry at affordable prices. They are located in the four different areas of London so you can run into the nearest branch.

More of a gym diet?

Have some pasta.

If you like pasta so Padella near Borough Market is your go-to option. Although, you need to wait for your turn but let me tell you good things come after a little wait. They cook all the pasta in house and offer you wine to boost you up.

Sight for Londoners

Get a bit fancy

London offers extravagant and lavish high teas bolstered with tiny cake masterpieces and finger sandwiches while enjoying live piano! You need to treat yourself with specialty teas that suit your taste buds like gluten-free, vegan or sugar-free.

Explore London’s parks

London parks are packed with the crowd during the two times of the year; summer and bonfire night. Bonfire night is also known as Guy Fawkes Night, an English celebration when a gentleman (named Guy Fawkes) tried to blow up Parliament House in the 1600s and kill the then king (King James I). He was not successful in his cunning effort. Today, people celebrate it for this, regardless of history, the event benefits the community as people get the chance to see the fireworks and free shows.

A landmark; Museums

The Hunterian Museum is fascinating and gruesome at the same time. Medical students must visit this museum. It has 400 years old collection, the Hunterian gallery is open to the public. If we dig into its history, the original collection was under a gentleman named John Hunter and whilst a wander around may seem like something from the days of witches. Each specimen has played a significant role in deciphering both human and animal anatomy which has advanced medical science to where we are today).

Sneak Peak of the weather

Asian students live in comparatively hot and moderate climates and they are not sued to of London’s extreme climate where the sun rays become the rare sight and a blessing for international students.

To be aware of you with the weather conditions, it will be difficult and challenging for you to ease yourself during winters and so you need to prepare your mind beforehand.

You will also experience the snow. From the last six years, the amount of snowfall is less and it can be great fun as well but it also disrupts the transport system.

Hey! But the winter does not make you a home buddy. Pack your bag before the extreme climate and head towards conservation areas such as Richmond Park, Epping Forest or Victoria Park and experience the wilderness. Moreover, the Somerset House Rink is a perfect place for ice-skating and nicely decorated with twinkling lights.

The public transport shuts down then the roads get blocked up with buses which implies work and university closures until it gets cleared. In summers, you will experience warm summers so people head towards beaches and parks for sunbathing.

External Trips

You can also opt for slightly warmer European locations which will costs you only a few pounds. You can connect with different countries in just a few hours and explore the world most cost-effectively!

Visit Brighton beach which is on hour away from London. It has the greatest pier (full of seaside amusements), a diverse community and some great laneways.

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