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Internship Opportunities in UK

An internship during your international study in England sounds very exciting. It provides students and graduates to develop employability skills and be a part of one of the most advanced workplaces and truly diverse environments in the world. You will be able to gain insights into the operations of various leading organizations.

The UK is ranked as the sixth-largest economy in the world. It has become the most foremost destination for students looking to intern abroad at forefront industries. Students can practice internships during their international study according to their fields including fashion, economics, business, technology, communications, and politics. Following are the few famous internships that will hone your skills and set you for a successful career:

  • CAPA London: The Global Education Network: 3-6 credit internship program is well-grounded links with the strong industrial network of over 1,000 placement sites in London in private and nonprofit organizations and more than 50 fields and industries.
  • FIE London: Semester & Summer Internships: If you are an individual who loves to enhance their professional development along with new career options then this internship is for you.
  • CIEE Global internships: These 14 weeks of the competitive internship will make London at your fingertips.
  • Industry Immersion Program: keen to meet the industrial experts? Develop your workplace skills and build an international network. You will dive deep into the industries
  • AIESEC UK: a known platform that facilitates international student exchanges via paid traineeships and other schemes.
  • Global Internship Programme: It is the central provider of internship programs in fields including banking, consulting, law, marketing, and technology.

You can either be a part of an internship program during the undergrad degree. These internships are non-monetary programs but especially design to enhance your skills. Many universities including Sheffield Hallam University, Manchester Metropolitan University, Birmingham City University, Queen Mary University of London, Glasgow Caledonian University, Coventry University, London South Bank University, Middlesex University London, Heriot Watt University, University Of Northampton, Robert Gordon University, University Of Westminster and many UK universities offer six weeks to six months mandatory internship and work placements programs as a requirement for the successful completion of the master’s degree.

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