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Study Business in UAE

If you are looking for flexible and affordable options to study business, UAE is an exciting option for you!

UAE is treasured by the oil reserves, it has undergone spectacular economic rise over the past decades. The country has been transformed from a desert to a vibrant economic center for millions of people.

The UAE now boasts an excellent infrastructure, logistics, and investor-friendly business environment. Sectors like foreign trade, tourism, and banking are expanding quickly. In recent years, development in significant urban communities blasts to the degree that 2% of the world's cranes were in Dubai alone. The city is currently endowed with a shining horizon of tall structures and lavish hotels.

UAE government has made efforts to create a competitive knowledge-based economy. It has prioritized education and has used its petrol dollars effectively to increase educational attainment rates and establish a moderately top-quality education system. The government’s National Higher Education Strategy 2030 aims to reinforce accreditation standards, design an education framework, upsurge research output, and develop curricula gearing towards employment in the business sector.

The country has become the perfect Launchpad as emirates are the central hub of the world. Understudies can travel back and forth to their home country via one of the many world-class international airports in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or Sharjah. International students can also travel to many nearby exotic destinations including Nepal, Pakistan, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, and many more.

Attractive facts about UAE:

  • UAE is one of very few countries in the world where migrant workers are more than the native-born population, 90% of the country’s population is migrant.
  • UAE has become the largest migration corridor in the world.
  • UAE is becoming an attractive student destination because of its regulatory frameworks for international student mobility, openness to transnational education, and recognition procedures for foreign degrees (British Council).
  • UAE has one of the highest mobility ratios in the world (UNESCO).
  • The UAE is a major hub for transnational education (TNE).
  • 4 Emirati universities are ranked among the top 30 institutions in the Times Higher Education (THE) Arab world rankings.

Why study Business in UAE?

UAE is the hub of many top business schools. The country boasts a notable infrastructure, logistics, and investor-friendly business environment. Sectors like international trade, tourism, and banking are increasing swiftly. Few of the top international university campuses are located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. The degrees are easy to access and students will attain an internationally valuable degree. While Dubai is one of the top global cities of the world and approximately half of the population of the students are studying business administration degrees.

Business degrees are intended to nurture students on financial and economic planning, financial management, business administration, and different stages of Finance management programs teach allocating capital resources & managing a business.

Top Universities to Study Business in Dubai:

  1. Murdoch University
  2. Curtin University Dubai
  3. University of Wollongong
  4. Heriot-Watt University Dubai
  5. Middlesex University Dubai

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