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Places to visit in UAE

With its fully furnished development, spectacular skylines of great climbs, and the best beach restaurants, the United Arab Emirates has become a favorite for family vacations and city breaks. Tourist destinations such as the great sites such as Dubai's Burj Khalifa and Abu Dhabi's modern Sheikh Zayed Mosque, have taken the UAE's mark as the ultimate luxury destination. Scroll underground though, and you'll find there's much more here than skyscrapers, shops, and sandy beaches. Various locations in the UAE offer cultural fans many things to do. Descend into the Bedouin country last night on a desert before exploring the many wagons that guarded the coast long before the reigns of great heights. While for nature lovers, the desert begins where cities end, and the rugged peaks of the Hajar Mountains are on their way.

For ideas of the best places to visit see our list of top tourist destinations in the United Arab Emirates.

Burj Khalifa:

The Burj Khalifa is one of the most famous buildings of the United Arab Emirates and the highest point of Dubai. Not only is it the tallest building in the world, it also claims to the titles of the world's tallest building, the world's highest viewing tower, and the world's tallest height. A sightseeing trip, with its breathtaking views across Dubai, is a highlight to see for many tourists who visit, but even for those suffering from vertigo, it is good to miss it.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is an ancient monument with amazing beauty. Comprising modern design and ancient art, Muslims blend in harmoniously with current styles and old ways to create new interpretations of Islamic architecture. A visit here must be made on any Abu Dhabi trip. With its interior utilizing the finest prices of gold, street tiles, and glass work and large marble, and without the mysterious white blossom that blooms far below the Emirati blue sky, it never fails to shine.

The Desert:

For those with a tedious streak, form the base line of an empty desert that connects the coastline with the exception of cities. You will find many things to do here, from a four-wheel-drive and dune-buggy trip to a sand boat, hiking and camel-riding. Most people plan a day-long desert trip from Dubai, but Abu Dhabi and Fujairah are also great bases for exploring the desert. Dinners at style Bedouins are a soft option if you want to experience the idyllic beauty of the desert.


There is a beach for everyone in the United Arab Emirates. From the city beaches along the Dubai coast, with its high center, and the sandy beaches of Abu Dhabi along its island coast, to the beautiful sandy shores of Ajman and the beaches of the Emirate of Fujairah, you have plenty to choose from. Most luxury hotels in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have private sand, which no tourist can spend for a day's worth. Water sports such as diving, Jet Skiing, paddle boarding, and snorkeling are also available at many resorts.

The Hajar Mountains:

The Hajar Mountains traverse the desert, creating a steadfast and beastly heart for the United Arab Emirates. The ever-changing roundabout trails with beautiful scenery connecting with the small towns of the region, making this road to heaven. Nature lovers will find plenty of opportunities for hiking, hiking, and bird watching, and a large number of picturesque wadis (dry streams; valleys) in the area are also fun to read.

The Louvre Abu Dhabi:

A new and magnificent museum in the United Arab Emirates, the Louvre Abu Dhabi takes visitors on a tour of human history with discoveries around the world and through the ages to show the interconnectedness of cultures. Whether you're interested in early history, the good years of Empirical, or modern art, you'll be.

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