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Foundation Program in Malaysia

If you are planning to do a bachelor's degree, you may need a pre-university degree to gain admission to a university or college. In addition to recent education documents, students can now choose from a variety of pre-university programs offered by Malawi's higher education institutions.

Many students are confused when it comes to choosing the right pre-university program. Some may decide on the program because most of their friends subscribe to the same program. Then some end up having a plan just because they do not know that other types of programs exist.

Benefits of following a basic plan

  • You will learn courses that are specific to the course you plan to take at the degree level
  • It is faster than other pre-university programs such as A-level and IB diplomas
  • Quick means also cheaper - you may pay less for a basic plan
  • The style of assessment is usually a combination of courses, continuous tests and final exams, but the weight of each test depends on the college

And unfortunately, here are some problems:

It can be difficult to change plans if you decide to pursue a different field, especially if you are taking a basic course such as Foundation in IT, Music, Business, Architecture, etc.

In this article, we will examine the basic subjects offered by private higher education institutions (PHEIs). These PHEIs often offer bachelor's degrees, 3 + 0-degree programs. There are also PHEIs that run foundation programs that prepare students for a bachelor's degree abroad. These internal programs are generally accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and are accredited by foreign partner universities, as well as other overseas universities as equivalent to pre-university degrees in their home countries.

The pre-university program usually lasts 12 months, during which baptismal candidates need to complete 50 credit hours to obtain a basic degree. The test method usually consists of 30% subjects and 70% tests.

Unlike external degrees that focus on general science and arts subjects, internal courses offer general science and arts programs and work in fields such as construction, business, law, computer and IT, travel, engineering and more.

It is usually submitted three times a year and the entry requirement is approved by SPM, UEC, GCE O-Level or its equivalent, where students are required to have at least five credits on relevant courses.

The facts are wonderful

According to Heriot-Watt University of Malaysia, their most popular undergraduate program is Foundation in Science, a path to its world-renowned engineering studies.

Need more flexibility in your selection? The foundation program at Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU / APIIT) offers a path to more than 100 degrees.

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