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Post Study Work Permit in Germany

Germany has a relatively simple visa system that is quick and open for International students. They have designed an employment arrangement system by keeping in mind the requirements of different countries. Being an international student it is always beneficial to avail internship opportunity whilst studying in Germany. You can establish links with the industries and gain valuable experience which will open the gate for post-study work employment. Students from EEU, EU, and Switzerland can start their employment when they receive a residence permit for Germany but International students who belong to other countries need a work permit besides residence authorization.

Post-study options in Germany

There are certain conditions under which International students can receive work permits or residency in Germany.

1-Temporary Residence Permit-Limited Residence Permit:

After graduating from any German university your visa will expire at any case however students can get 18 months of a work visa after obtaining a German Educational degree but it is important to follow the instruction for a work permit. As an international student, you have to apply for this option, before your student visa runs out otherwise you will be returned to your home country. Students can utilize this period to look for a permanent job that is related to their specific field. There will be no restriction of working hours and students can spend a whole day to earn and support themselves.

To meet the requirement students supposed to fulfill all the conditions, which are mention below,

  1. Certificate of last education from German University(university degree)
  2. Health insurance payment records
  3. Sufficient amount detail to give proof to cover your cost of living

How to stay in Germany after your graduation or looking for a job visa;

The German Government issues a temporary six month visa to the student who had returned to his/her home country and wants to start job in Germany. The categories of this short visa cannot be considered as a permanent residence or work permit. Over a period of six months you are allow to explore the possibilities associated with the qualification you have acquired. After obtaining relevant job on a permanent position, student need to apply for work and residence permit separately. Students can apply for this visa from home country.

Below we have mentioned few requirements to guarantee your work permit,

  1. Academic or vocational qualification
  2. Blocked account or declaration of commitment
  3. Proof of German language –minimum requirement at least B1 (CEFR)-For vocational students, it is must meet.

Immediately after getting a job that corresponds to your qualification, students will be offered two categories, the EU Blue card option and how to stay in Germany? You can choose whether you want to apply for a residence permit to take up employment or an EU Blue card.

Option no 1-German Residence Permit:

Under the condition of German Residence Permit law, students are allowed to work for the period depending on the employment contract. If your employer offered you two years of contract then automatically it will also consider your work permit duration too. Moreover, you have still the option to extend as long as you maintain your employment status.

Option no 2- EU Blue Card:

Most of the International students (non-EU countries) holding STEM (science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and IT degrees are on top of the priority list to get the EU Blue card option. Foreign nationals who are highly competent in their profession and want to work in Germany and other 25 EU states, allow applying in this category.

To qualify for both the categories students have to fulfill the following requirements,

  1. Evidence of completed course (university degree)
  2. Evidence of health insurance
  3. Financial Status (German work contract)
  4. For EU Blue card –minimum salary annually-EUR-55,200
  5. EUR-43,056

There are some other temporary residence permits for the students to start his/her own business. Students have to show sufficient funds in their accounts and relevant experience. Other than that students can do the job from home as well, for example, freelancing, etc. For Ph.D. students, there is a separate category to apply for a work permit and temporary residence permit.

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