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Get the Right Health Cover While Study in Australia

Australia's healthcare system is among the world's best. Unfortunately, international students are not eligible for government-funded healthcare. Because of this, overseas students must get the right health coverage while they study in Australia, covering the whole duration of their stay.

Who Should Purchase OSHC?

Health insurance for international students in Australia is mandatory. It should be obtained by all international students (OSHC). The OSHC Australia plan will cover the student and his family. This indicates that the students and their dependents will benefit from it.

Who Purchases OSHC?

You can purchase an OSHC-approved provider and pay for insurance with that provider. On the other hand, your educational institution can select and buy on your behalf an OSHC plan. The more important thing is that you maintain its coverage throughout the time you are in Australia.

OSHC Australia Cost for International Students

OSHC Australia's cost for international students depends on the plan you choose. Services and rates depend if the plan is for singles, couples, or a family. However, the minimum cost for a single OSHC cover is $452 per year.

Which Insurers Offer OSHC?

Only five registered health insurers are offering OSHC. The Australia department approves these insurers of health. One can purchase the plan directly from their website.

  1. Australian Health Management (AHM) OSHC
  2. Allianz Care Australia
  3. BUPA Australia
  4. Medibank Private

What Does OSHC Cover?

Basic OSHC covers doctor visits, ambulance services, limited medications, and hospital care. Day surgeries are covered, but optics, dentistry, and physiotherapy aren't covered. However, one can get a comprehensive plan to include all these services.

OSHC doesn't cover all medical bills. However, a large amount is covered, depending on your plan.

Insurance Proof

The students must prove their health insurance in the Australian visa application process. Students can provide a copy of the insurance policy or card to confirm that their health services are insured.

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