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People and Culture in Australia

Let us help you move to Australia

If you are interested in want making Australia your home, then it helps to gain some perspective and understanding of the Australian lifestyle as this will open up a hub of appealing brand new possibilities and experiences.

Once you adapt to your new surroundings and appreciate why things are the way they are, it’s likely you won’t be disappointed.


You may be wondering that maybe English is the only language spoken in Australia. However over or 300 diverse languages are spoken throughout the nation. These include Mandarin, Spanish, Urdu, Italian, Arabic as well as Greek.


Sports play a gigantic role in Australian lifestyle, nationality and living. Cricket, Australian Rules Football (AFL), Rugby League, Rugby Union, Soccer, Swimming, Basketball and Horse-back riding are amongst the most popular and enjoyable sports with a very high level of participation rate at the grounds.

Numerous Australian suburbs and towns boast about their classy sporting facilities. These provide an opportunity to regular people of all ages and abilities to be able to physically activate themselves and strengthen their social circle and contacts.

Therefore, Australia has a wealthy past which involve many major international sporting events and world championships, which they hosted. There is rarely a limitation of events on the sporting calendar; with AFL, Melbourne Cup, Australian Tennis Open, Formula One Grand Prix and the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. All these to maintain their never ending streak of keeping the sports fanatics happy.


Australians are extremely casual and relaxed generally shake hands, smile and introduce themselves with their first names. They love and enjoy their laid-back lifestyle greatly. Popular Aussie get-away or week-end ideas include: picnics, family barbeques, parties, a day at the beach and gatherings at the park are all essential to the Australian way of life.


Australia possesses a relatively temperate and warm climate where most of the nation experiences more than 3,000 hours of sunshine a year. Four seasons are experienced across most of the country, these include: mild winters, including warm to hot summers are what draw most people to Australia especially those hoping to escape sizzling heat, excessive humidity, and gloomy winters.

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