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People and Culture in Ireland

Population of Cities in Ireland:

Ireland is the largest country in the world and with a population of over one million, it is the 124th most populous city in the world. While the country is not full of megacities like other populous countries, it has a large number of densely populated cities. It has two complete cities with a population of over 100,000, while it has 54 cities each with a population of between 10,000 and 100,000. Cities are divided into 29 different provinces, and there are five administrative cities where each boasts impressive populations: Cork, Dublin, Galway, Limerick, and Waterford.

History and culture:

Ireland is full of museums, chains, parks and palaces and is famous for its impact on art, literature, film and music.


The weather in Ireland is generally warm and gentle. Summer temperatures usually range between the low 50s Farenheit / teens Celsius to the 60s Fahrenheit / about 20 Celsius or there. Temperatures tend to rise above this sometimes in the summer, and you can even get a week or two of temperatures into the 70s or even 80s Fahrenheit (low to high 20s Celsius)

The climate varies from coast to coast due to differences in the length and breadth of the land.

Spring (March - May)

Summer (June - August)

Fall (September - November)

Winter (December - February)

Growing economy:

The Irish economy is one of the fastest-growing regions in the Eurozone and the 6th most competitive in the world. It is a world with businesses that are connected to the world.

English language:

English is the dominant language spoken by the language of business and technology worldwide. Being able to read and write in English increases your sales and gives you a huge advantage if you intend to find a job in a multinational company or an English-speaking country.

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