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Step by Step Guide to Study abroad

Studying abroad is a dream for many ambition students and this has been the most major decision of any student about careers and to choose the right degree at a right time and explore opportunities at international prospects.

Meeting Your Counselor

This is a first step towards study abroad, any student looking forward to start journey would be preferred to meet their designated licensed and professional counselors who will help you to find the best possible options as per your requirement.

Compiling Documents

Once you are register with us, your counselors will guide to you about compiling your documents according to your university application. These documents include all your verified educational documents, passports, travelling history, English proficiency test scores, affidavits, and proof of funds and statement of Purpose.

Statement of Purpose

e support team assist you about your how to write your Statement of Purposes, which should include basic information about yourself in academics and social life during your previous academic history, family background, educational background, visa acceptances or if any rejections. We help you with relevant information in order to make the best piece of paper work for immigration officer and admission team. We make sure that at this stage students are very much notified regarding if any changes are to be made.


Your counselor will launch your university which includes all the educational documents, passports, basic information regarding student and travelling history along with the Statement of Purpose. More than one application can be processed at this stage upon request of applicant.


The application outcome usually takes 15 to 25 business days depending on destination and pathway program that has been opted. During this time your counseling will start preparing you for interviews and also update you about your application status and/or if any further information is required by the university.

Conditional Offer Letter

Once the student receives application outcome, you will receive a conditional offer letter and your counselor will guide you to how to proceed next for unconditional firm offer.

Payment for Enrollment

This is when the student applications come towards the maturity and they have met all the necessary conditions of the university then your counselors will guide you about how to proceed with payment in order to retain confirmation regarding your enrollment at the university.

Credibility Interview Preparation

Our professional visa assistance team will train you for interview if required by the university prior to payment. The interviewer from the admission or faculty of your chosen program study would prefer to know you better and intention, as a prior preparation before your proceed with visa application to ensure a successful outcome.

Visa Documentation Compilation

Once the student is fully prepared and ready to go for visa submission; our visa assistance team will start preparing you about visa documentation which would most commonly included affidavits and financial documents by the applicant.

Medical Test

Medical examination is an essential part of your visa application and your HS counselors will guide you to setup a medical appointment with for medical tests as per policy and requirement.

Bio Metric

Electronic fingers records is an essential part of your visa application, as it is immigration protocol to keep your entry/exit of the intended country of travel and your counselors will guide you to setup the appointment at the concern facility.

Visa Application

Our visa assistance team will launch your visa application with all the necessary sections and take your acknowledgment as approval to proceed further. In case any amendments or additional information is required it can be made even after visa application is launched.

Visa Interview

Once visa application has been submitted online, applicant becomes regular visitor to counselor to prepare for visa interview for a successful outcome when applicant is interviewed by the immigration officer.

Visa Approval

Once the visa is approved for any destination, our counsellors set a final meeting with the student and their parents to explain everything regarding their departure and arrival. This is a complete counselling session which is mandatory to attend in order to straighten their travelling. Our counsellors also arrange accommodation services for our students if they require.

Visa Rejection

If student receives visa application rejection, our support team and compliance along with the university consent help student to reapply for visa.

Airport Pick Up Service

Once the student set their travelling dates, your counselor will book airport pick up service for you in order to conveniently reach accommodation and university for enrollment.


You can book your accommodation prior to traveling after visa grant and your HS Counselor will assist you to find suitable accommodation either on campus or off campus near your university as per your requirement.

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