Roosevelt University (Postgradue)

Roosevelt University is a coeducational, private University with campuses in Chicago, Illinois and Schaumburg, Illinois. Founded in 1945, the University is named in honor of both former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. The university’s curriculum is based on principles of social justice.

The University enrolls around 7,000 students between its undergraduate and graduate programs and is ranked #81 in US News and World Report”Midwest Universities -2012″. Roosevelt is also home to the Chicago College of Performing Arts. The University’s newest academic building, Wabash, is located in The Loop of Downtown Chicago. It is the tallest educational building in Chicago, the second tallest educational building in the United States, and the sixth-largest academic complex in the world.

HS Consultants, a prestigious foreign education service provider, engaged in getting admission for the bright and brilliant Pakistani students, in
any leading college or university of western world, to advance the level of their education, and get an entirely accredited degree, to outshine in
their contemporary era.

HS Consultants is increasingly securing bigger marks in the shape of commendations, in the eyes of the intellectuals, literary people, and students
of our country for providing the best services, in diversified fields—such as assisting during the admission processes and visa applying, assistance
for IELTS test, assistance to provide updates on, how to enter into any alien country, society, university, and so on.

And more particularly, this leading commercial entity has developed a highly productive mobile APP – that caters
every type of information with respect to the leading colleges and universities of western world, the fields of studies, and so on, as prior to this,
students of our country were facing great difficulties in this regard.

This development can also be defined, “as a milestone” in the history of HS Consultants company. Roosevelt University is a private
centre of advanced studies, with its few campuses in Illinois, Chicago, and Schaumburg. This centre of higher learning was established in 1945 and
named after both former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

Our company has developed close linkages with Roosevelt University USA to get admission in this leading university of USA. This
centre of advanced studies is offering massive fields of studies to undergraduate and postgraduate level students, to choose from.

Accounting Forensics, MSAF
Accounting MSA
Actuarial Sciences, MS Accelerated Program
Biology, MS
Biotechnology and Chemical Science, MS
Business Administration, MBA
Clinical Mental Health Counseling, MA
Clinical Professional Psychology, MA
Clinical Psychology (Counseling Practice), MA
Clinical Psychology, Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)
Clinical Psychology, MA
Computer Science, MS
Creative Writing, MFA
Early Childhood Education, MA
Economics, MA
Educational Leadership, EdD
Elementary Education, MA
History, MA
Hospitality and Tourism Management, MSHTM
Human Performance Improvement, MAHPI
Human Resource Management, MSHRM
Industrial/Organizational Psychology (PhD)
Industrial/Organizational Psychology, MA
Integrated Marketing Communications, MSIMC
Journalism, MSJ
Mathematics, MS
Music Composition, MM
Music Performance – Classical Guitar, MM
Music Performance – Piano, MM
Music Performance – String/Wind/Brass Instruments, Harp, and Percussion, MM
Music Performance – Voice, MM
Orchestral Studies (Harp, Woodwind, Brass and Percussion only), MM
Pharmacy, PharmD
Public Administration and Law, MPA/JD
Public Administration, MPA
Reading, MA
Real Estate, MSRE
School Counseling, MA
Secondary Education, MA
Sociology, MA Accelerated Program
Sociology, MA
Special Education, MA with LBS1 Approval
Teacher Leadership, MA
Theatre Directing, Fast Track MA
Training and Development, MATD

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