Queen's University Belfast is a public research university in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The university's official title, per its charter, is The Queen's University of Belfast. It is often referred to simply as Queen's, or by the abbreviation QUB. The university was chartered in 1845, and opened in 1849 as "Queen's College, Belfast", but has roots going back to 1810 and the Royal Belfast Academical Institution.
Queen's is a member of the Russell Group of leading research intensive universities, the Association of Commonwealth Universities, the European University Association, Universities Ireland and Universities UK. The university offers academic degrees at various levels and across a broad subject range, with over 300 degree programmes available.
HS Consultants (PVT) Ltd is working with Queen’s University Belfast under into-student Partnership

HS Consultants

HS Consultants, a highly competent foreign education service provider, is engaged in getting admission for the highly genius Pakistani students, who are ready to go abroad for higher studies and clinch a highly accredited and recognized degree that could be helpful for them to outclass their contemporary youths and professionals.
In this field, HS Consultants has played a pivotal role to get the higher degrees by Pakistani students, who have come back to country, and are serving here in Pakistan by harnessing their talent and know-how of international repute, for the betterment and upliftment of our nation and country.
HS Consultant’s focus is to reinforce the linkage with Queen’s University Belfast, as we have a very impressive history of working with this leading university of UK. Queen’s University Belfast is a public-research centric centre of higher learning, located in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
This university is aka Queen’s or as an acronym of QUB. This university was awarded the charter in 1845. Queen’s is a member of the Russell Group of leading research intensive university – the Association of Commonwealth Universities, the European University Association, Universities of Ireland, and Universities of UK.

Courses search by Alphabetically

  • Accounting and Finance MSc
  • Advanced Aerospace Engineering MSc
  • Advanced Concrete Technology MSc
  • Advanced Food Safety MSc
  • Advanced Wireless Communications Postgraduate Certificate/PG Dip/MSc
  • Ancient History MA
  • Archaeology and Environment MSc
  • Archaeology and Environment Postgraduate Certificate/PG Dip
  • Architecture (MArch)
  • Architecture MSc/PG Dip
  • Arts Management MA
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders MSc
  • Chemical Biology MSc
  • Chemical Research MSc
  • Chemical Research PG Certificate/PG Diploma
  • Childhood Studies Doctorate
  • Clinical Anatomy MSc
  • Clinical Anatomy PG Certificate/PG Diploma
  • Clinical Education (PG Cert/PG Dip/MMedSc)
  • Cognition and Culture MA
  • Cognitive Behavioural Practice Postgraduate Certificate
  • Communication - Strategic Management for Rural Business PG Diploma
  • Communication - Training and Development for Rural Business PG Diploma
  • Communication PG Cert
  • Comparative Ethnic Conflict MA/PG Diploma
  • Computational Biology MSc
  • Computational Finance and Trading MSc
  • Construction and Project Management MSc/PG Certificate/PG Diploma
  • Construction and Project Management with Industrial Internship MSc
  • Dating and Chronology MSc/PG Certificate/PG Diploma
  • Digital Documentation of Heritage PG Certificate
  • Divinity (Taught) Master
  • Drama and Performance Studies MA
  • Durability of Structures MSc
  • Durability of Structures PG Certificate/ PG Diploma
  • Ecological Management and Conservation Biology Graduate Diploma/ MSc
  • Education (PGCE)
  • Education EdD
  • Educational Leadership MSc
  • Educational Multimedia MSc
  • Educational Studies MEd
  • Electronics MSc
  • Electronics Postgraduate Diploma
  • English (Broadcast Literacy) MA
  • English (Creative Writing) MA/PG Dip
  • English Literary Studies (Medieval Literature) MA
  • English Literary Studies MA
  • Environmental Engineering MSc/PG Dip
  • Environmental Planning MSc
  • Film and Visual Studies MA
  • Finance MSc
  • Heritage Landscapes PG Certificate
  • Heritage Science MSc
  • Heritage Science Postgraduate Diploma
  • Human Resource Management MA/MSc
  • Human Rights Law LLM
  • Inclusion and Special Needs Education MEd
  • International Business MSc
  • International MBA
  • International Relations MA/PG Dip
  • Interpreting MA
  • Interprofessional Health and Social Care Management MSc
  • Law and International Commerce LLM
  • Legislative Studies and Practice MA
  • Master of Business Administration MBA
  • Modern History MA
  • MSc in Communication - Strategic Management for Rural Business
  • MSc in Communication - Training and Development for Rural Business
  • Organisation and Management MSSc/Postgraduate Diploma
  • Politics MA/PG Dip
  • Professional Practice Architecture PG Certificate
  • Public Health (MPH)
  • Society, Space and Culture MA/PG Dip
  • Stone-Built Heritage PG Certificate
  • Sustainable Practices in the Built Environment (Critical Spatial Processes) PG Diploma/MSc
  • Sustainable Practices in the Built Environment (Materials, Components and Systems) PG Diploma/MSc
  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) MSc
  • Telecommunications MSc/PG Dip
  • Translational Medicine (MRes)
  • Violence, Terrorism and Security MA/PG Dip

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