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Professional Training

Just like the best universities takes a practical learning approach, we also believe that the best way to learn and grow is through direct experiences! Groom your personality and professional experience with HS Consultants.

Our focus

At HS Consultants, we feel that students’ extracurricular activities and work experiences are as important as academic performance to enrich their profile. We groom students to make professional choices through our internship and mentorship programs. These programs are specially designed to uplift the student profile and broaden their horizons.

Our students have explored the practicalities in the real world, observed the significance of nature and worked for the preservation of flora and sustainable environment, discovered insights about the corporate world, met industrial experts, and served the community in terms of raising awareness regarding corporate social responsibilities and sustainable development.

Mentorship Program:

The Mentorship Program is designed to serve as a framework and roadmap to identify the priorities and responsibilities that students need to understand for their growth and criteria for meeting those priorities. Our Mentorship program team makes immense efforts to establish and collaborate with the leading organizations and corporate firms so that students can gain insights related to corporate frameworks and NGO regulation. Students get enthralled by the week-long activities and programs whilst improving their personal and developing professional networks.

Internship Programs:

Our internship program equips students with international university information. You can be a part of the HS Team, gain the international universities admission process, and talk directly to the university representatives. Hone your confidence by directly discussing with the international universities team and become a voice of our local ambitious students.

Future Career Impulse

We specifically design our program by offering a mutual platform of students and professionals from various fields including psychologists, doctors, and industrial experts. You will identify different learning styles, discover the best career options for you, nationally and internationally.

Care Management Drive

We understand that mental and physical fitness is important for your academic progress and we aim to positively nourish your health. We arrange activities with various leading fitness coaches and arrange fitness sessions at clubs. We have developed techniques to boost immune system.

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