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Post Study Work

Looking for Study Abroad Scholarships?

Many International Students studying in the top International Study Destinations wish to gain work experience to gain insights from the advanced and face track global market.

Post Study Work Permit in Australia

Continue your stay in Australia

Australia is the attraction for talented labor force, empowering international students to apply for the post-study work visa. It permits them to extend their stay in Australia for four years and work in the wake of finishing their examinations. The transitory graduate visa permits you to stay in Australia to live, study or work after you have completed your course. The visa has dual streams i.e., Graduate Work stream and Post-Study Work stream. Qualification prerequisites for a post-study work visa and Temporary Graduate visa will be eased in case you're enlisted with Australian Education Supplier and have been affected by COVID-19 and related travel restrictions.

You will have the option to check this towards the Australian Study Requirement in case you're a current or new understudy visa holder undertaking on the web concentrate outside Australia due to COVID-19. Qualified alumni influenced by movement limitations will likewise have the option to apply for and be allowed a Temporary Graduate visa outside Australia. To be qualified to apply for the transitory alumni visa you should be under 50 years old hold a qualified visa have a new capability in a CRICOS-enrolled course meet extra necessities of the pertinent stream.

You'll be reached by The Department of Home Affairs as they will require proof that you have taken out a strategy that consents to prerequisites preceding giving your Australian Student Visa. This visa permits international students in Australia to live, work and study in Australia. You can work and also you can live in Australia with this type of visa. Work and Stay somewhere in the range of 2 and 4 years in Australia, in light of your capability hold a new degree from a CRICOS-enlisted course carry your family to Australia Handling time is roughly 4 months. The visa processing and Handling Time will probably take 3 months for the 75% of visas and almost 5 months for 90% of visas.

Post Study Work Permit in UK


International Students in UK foreign will be able to remain employed for two years after graduation, by applying for the recently announced Graduate Immigration Route. The New Immigration Route will be available for international students coming to UK who have completed the full time course from a higher education provider and has a law-abiding record and valid Tier-4 visa at the time of university application.


Graduates who have acquired skilled jobs, and who are eligible for skilled work visas, will be able to exchange visas to continue their careers in the UK. This new visa category, which was announced in September 2019, is open to applicants from the commencing of summer of 2021, meaning that any international student starting a degree in the country in the fall, and having a valid Tier 4 visa when the new category opens, will be able to apply.


A postgraduate work visa allows UK degree graduates to apply for any type of employment. Within two years of graduating, you will be able to work at whatever job you are given. But if that period expires and the PSW visa expires as well, any student wishing to stay longer in the UK will have to apply for the work visa. For this, student job must comply with the requirements of the Tier 2 visa, a ‘General Work Visa'. That usually means you have to pay at least £ 30,000 a year; but in some professions, this level may be higher or lower. Once you find a suitable job, you will be eligible to transfer to a skilled work visa.

Permanent Residence for International Students

Get Permanent Residency in Canada

Getting PR in Canada after study permit is much more convenient. While having a Canadian degree, you have maximum chances of improving your Express Entry profile in terms of the CRS score.

The perks of applying PR after getting a Canadian Degree is that you do not have to apply for ECA- Educational Credential Assessment. Also you do not have to take Language Proficiency tests as you are being counted as an Inland Applicant.

There are many immigration options in Canada for students studying in the program in Canada for at least two years. Highly experienced students in Canada are very attractive to Canadian employers. You can apply for temporary residence (work and study) and permanent residency in Canada - which is known as dual purpose. Two purposes allow international students to apply for permanent residence, while simultaneously obtaining their provisional study permit.

Foreign students studying in Canada can apply to stay in Canada permanently while studying in Canada or after completing their studies, as long as they meet the requirements of the Canadian immigration program they work under. Applying for a study permit in Canada and a permanent Canadian residence at the same time is called a “dual purpose”, and such practice is common and accepted by Canadian immigration law.

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