At London FoundationCampus, Cambridge Education Group offer an inspirational and maturing environment for international students, which prepare them for future academic success at top University of London Colleges.
London FoundationCampus is base at Birkbeck, in the heart of the University of London, students are equipped with the tools for success on degree programmes at top UK universities. The courses CEG offer are intense but rewarding and aim to challenge into developing the personal attributes demanded by the admissions tutors of internationally renowned research-led University of London colleges.
London FoundationCampus has seven University of London College partners currently, who welcome applications for  their degree programmes and, in some cases, offer guaranteed progression based on specific criteria. CEG highly-trained Higher Education team will guide and assist to progress successfully onto their chosen university and degree course with one of CEG partner universities, or at other suitable institutions. London FoundationCampus is proud to work in partnership with Birkbeck University, Goldsmiths University, Institute of Education, Queen Mary University, Royal Holloway University, Royal Veterinary College & The Courtauld Institute of Art
The Master’s Foundation Programme can be studied for one, two or three terms. The one term programme includes two units of Research Methods and Study Skills, plus English Language. The two term programme includes two core units of a Research Project, Personal and Professional Development, plus English language. The three term programme includes two core units of a Research Project, Personal and Professional Development, plus English language.  The programme is taught on campus at Birkbeck University of London, with the opportunity to progress to a large choice of degrees on successful completion of the programme.
Some degrees are highly specialist, and may require advanced knowledge in a specific academic area. Progressing to these degrees is possible on a case by case basis and a portfolio/interview/audition may be required.

Birkbeck University

Progession Degrees at Birkbeck University

  • Accounting & Financial Management MSc
  • Applied Linguistics MA
  • Bilingualism & Multilingualism MA
  • Business Innovation MSc
  • Communication MA
  • Corporate Governance and Ethics MSc
  • Intercultural Communication for Business & Professions MA
  • International Business & the European Union MSc
  • International Business and Development MSc
  • International Business MSc
  • International Marketing MSc
  • Language Teaching MA
  • LLM Qualifying Law Degree
  • Management in the Public Sector MSc
  • Management MSc
  • Marketing Communications MSc
  • Marketing MSc
  • Retail Marketing MSc
  • Sports Management & the Business of Football MSc
  • Sports Marketing MSc

Goldsmiths University of London

Progession Degrees at Goldsmiths University of London

  • Anthropology
  • Art
  • Centre for Cultural Studies
  • Computing
  • Design
  • Educational Studies
  • English and Comparative Literature
  • History
  • Institute for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship (ICCE)
  • Media and Communications
  • Music
  • Politics
  • Professional and Community Education (PACE)
  • Psychology
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Social Therapeutic and Community Studies
  • Sociology
  • Theatre and Performance
  • Visual Cultures

Queen Mary University

Progession Degrees at Queen Mary University

  • Accounting and Finance MSc
  • Adult Literacy, Language and Numeracy MA
  • Advanced Educational Practice Programme MA
  • Art and Design in Education MA
  • Banking and Finance MSc
  • Business Education MA
  • Clinical Education MA
  • Comparative Education MA
  • Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment MA
  • Development Education MA
  • Early Years Education MA
  • Economics of Education MA
  • Education (Citizenship, History and Religious Education) MA
  • Education (Psychology)MA
  • Education and International Development MA
  • Education and Technology in Clinical Practice MA
  • Education, Gender and International Development MA
  • Education, Health Promotion and International Development MA
  • Educational Assessment MA
  • Educational Planning, Economics and International Development MA
  • Effective Learning MA
  • English Education MA
  • English, Globalisation and Language Policy MA
  • Finance
  • Geography Education MA
  • History of Education MA
  • Inclusive Education MA
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in Education MA
  • International Business and Politics MSc
  • International Business MSc
  • International Financial Management MSc
  • International Human Resource Management and Employment Relations MSc
  • Investment and Finance MSc
  • Leadership MA
  • Lifelong Learning MA
  • Literacy Learning and Literacy Difficulties (academic Route) MA
  • Literacy Learning and Literacy Difficulties (professional Route) MA
  • Management and Organisational Innovation MSc
  • Marketing MSc
  • Master of Teaching (MTeach) MA
  • Mathematics Education MA
  • Media, Culture and Communication MA
  • MSc Child Development MA
  • Museums and Galleries in Education MA
  • Music Education MA
  • Philosophy of Education MA
  • Policy Studies in Education MA
  • Primary Education (Policy And Practice) MA
  • Psychology of Education MA
  • Psychosocial Studies and Education MA
  • Science Education MA
  • Social Justice and Education MA
  • Sociology of Education MA
  • Special and Inclusive Education MA
  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) MA