Founded in 1868, Oregon State is the state’s Land Grant University and is one of only two universities in the U.S. to have Sea Grant, Space Grant and Sun Grant designations. Oregon State is also the only university in Oregon to hold both the Carnegie Foundation's top designation for research institutions and its prestigious Community Engagement classification.
Oregon State is a leading research university located in one of the safest, smartest, greenest small cities in the nation. Situated 90 miles south of Portland, and an hour from the Cascades or the Pacific Coast, Corvallis is the perfect home base for exploring Oregon’s natural wonders.
Oregon State MBA program is ranked Global 100 Top MBA Programs by Aspen Institute. According to Shanghai Jiaotong University Oregon State University ranked among Top 70 in the US and Top 150 Universities worldwide.
Students could choose from more than 200 undergraduate and more than 80 graduate degree programs. The 400-acre main campus in Corvallis includes a Historic District, making Oregon State one of only a handful of U.S. University campuses listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Oregon State is located in Corvallis, a vibrant college town of 55,000 in the heart of Western Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Corvallis consistently ranks among the best and safest cities to live in the U.S., as well as among the most environmentally responsible.INTO Oregon State University academic Pathway and English language programs provide the highest quality preparation for undergraduate and graduate study. Students at INTO Oregon State University will enjoy full access to all university resources, services and facilities. Students earn academic credits that apply toward Oregon State University degree programs.
Intakes: September, December

Undergraduate Pathway Programs are available in the following disciplines

  • Architecture & Fine Arts
  • Behavioral & Community Sciences
  • Business & Management
  • Computer Science & & Information Systems
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Humanities, Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
  • Medicine, Veterinary Medicine & Pharmacy
  • Natural, Physical & Life Sciences
  • Nursing & Public Heath

Progession Degrees at Oregon State University

Courses search by Alphabetically

  • Accountancy (BS, CRED, HBS)
  • Agricultural Business Management (BS, HBS)
  • Agricultural Sciences (BS, CRED, HBS)
  • Animal Sciences (BS, CRED, HBS)
  • Anthropology (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
  • Apparel Design (BS, CRED, HBS)
  • Bioengineering (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
  • Biology (BS, CRED, HBS)
  • Bioresource Research (BS, CRED, HBS)
  • Botany (BS, CRED, HBS)
  • Business Administration (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
  • Business Information Systems (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
  • Chemical Engineering (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
  • Chemistry (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
  • Civil Engineering (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
  • Computer Science (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
  • Construction Engineering Management (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
  • Crop and Soil Science (BS, CRED, HBS)
  • Earth Sciences (BS, CRED, HBS)
  • Ecological Engineering (BS, CRED, HBS)
  • Economics (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
  • Education (BA, BS, HBA, HBS)
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering (BS, CRED, HBS)
  • Environmental Economics and Policy (BS, HBS)
  • Environmental Engineering (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
  • Exercise and Sport Science (BS, CRED, HBS)
  • Finance (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
  • Food Science and Technology (BS, CRED, HBS)
  • Forest Engineering - Civil Engineering (BS, CRED, HBS)
  • Forest Engineering (BS, CRED, HBS)
  • General Science (BS, CRED, HBS)
  • Horticulture (BS, CRED, HBS)
  • Human Development and Family Sciences (BS, CRED, HBS)
  • Industrial Engineering (BS, CRED, HBS)
  • Industrial Engineering (BS, CRED, HBS)
  • Interior Design (BS, CRED, HBS)
  • Liberal Studies (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
  • Management (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
  • Management (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
  • Manufacturing Engineering (BS, CRED, HBS)
  • Marketing (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
  • Marketing (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
  • Mathematics (BS, CRED, HBS)
  • Mechanical Engineering (BS, CRED, HBS)
  • Merchandising Management (BS, CRED, HBS)
  • Music (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
  • Nuclear Engineering (BS, CRED, HBS)
  • Nutrition (BS, CRED, HBS)
  • Philosophy (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
  • Physics (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
  • Public Health (BS, CRED, HBS)
  • Radiation Health Physics (BS, CRED, HBS)
  • Recreation Resource Management (BS, CRED, HBS)
  • Renewable Materials (BS, CRED, HBS)
  • Sociology (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)
  • Tourism and Outdoor Leadership (BS, CRED)