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  • 50% Off- University of Wollongong
  • MSC Computing Courses-London Metropoliton University
  • Study In USA
  • Partial ScholorShips Available-London Metropoliton University
  • Sheffield Hallam University-MBA With Workplacement
  • Sheffield Hallam University
  • Scholorship Available-Newcastle University
  • London Foundation Campus
  • 20% off-University of Wollongong
  • 20% off-University of Wollongong
  • 20% off-University of Wollongong
  • 20% off-University of Wollongong
  • 20% off-University of Wollongong
  • 20% off-University of Wollongong
  • 20% off-University of Wollongong
Contract with ASURecently signed an agreement with Arizona State University
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UnI News ThumbAnnouncement of the simplified Australian Student Visa framework
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UnI News ThumbOfficial Public Notice by HS Consultants
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Collaborate InnovateCollaborate Innovate, Outstanding New Partner of Navitas 2015
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UnI News ThumbOutstanding New Partner of Navitas
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UnI News ThumbIt's time to say Good Bye to Mr. Syed Adnan Ali
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UnI News ThumbState nomination for Australian PR, UniSA
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UnI News ThumbVictoria University Sydney
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UnI News ThumbZenith Business Academy
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UnI News ThumbAPIC – Asia Pacific International College
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Latrobe Top RankedEmployers give LaTrobe top marks
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UnI News ThumbStudy at a World Top 50 University (University of Amsterdam)
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SEGI ThumbNow students looking for study in Malaysia
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UnI News ThumbAmazing Scholarship Opportunity in the USA
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ECU ThumbHS Consultants
(Pvt) Ltd has
recently signed
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UnI News ThumbHS Consultants Private Limited has recently signed an agreement
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Migration ThumbFrom 22 March 2014, the Migration
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UnI News ThumbUnI an exceptionally conceived
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UnI News ThumbMarywood University
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Thumbnail-Kingston UniversityHS Consultants (Pvt) Ltd has recently signed Kingston University London
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UnI News ThumbRecently signed an agreement with University of Central Oklahoma
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About HS Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd.

HS Consultants – a prestigious name in the field of foreign education consultancy with its slogan "to give proper orientation to the minds of our students" added with our mandate "inspiring the youths towards a better tomorrow" is serving for the last many years with its principal office at Karachi, with its international office in UK, and presence at Lahore and Faisalabad either.
HSC is playing its pivoting role to provide guidance and counseling to the students--who seek admission in any highly reputed foreign college or university to acquire an accredited and recognized degree that could be helpful to succeed, exceed as well as lead others in their overall career and future.HS Consultants venture was established in 2003 since then, it is exceedingly focusing on materializing the dreams of our highly brilliant and vibrant Pakistani students, thus, in view of our aptly focused approach that has given us perfect command to get admission in any highly sought after college or university. In view of our cohesive and consistent best working strategies, the number of foreign admission aspirants has tremendously increased


Zindagi Na Mileygi Dobara


  • Study in Malaysia
  • Study in Canada
  • Study in UAE
  • Study in UK
  • Study in China
  • Study in Holland
  • Study in New Zealand
  • Study in USA
  • Study in Australia
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What Our Student Says

What Our Student Says

When I was terribly making hassles to get consultation for admission in any leading university of western world.

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Pre-Departure & Post-Departure Guides

Pre-Departure & Post-Departure Guides

Pre-Departure Guide & Post-Departure Guides

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IELTS Registration with us

IELTS Registration with us

HS Consultants – a renowned name in the field of foreign education is speedily moving ahead, to accomplish a new

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The University of Derby is a public university in the city of Derby, England. The original college was found on 1851. In 1987 Technical, Arts and Education Colleges joined to for the Derby College of Higher Education, which was granter charter as University of Derby in 1992.
DerbyUnder-B DerbyPost-B
The university provides nearly 300 study programmes at undergraduate level. Undergraduate programmes as well as short courses, foundation degrees and postgraduate degrees are generally superintended by individual faculties/research groups and cover most popularly-recognised academic disciplines and subdisciplines. The university's Joint Honours Scheme allows students to combine over 40 subjects from across all four university faculties. Currently the university is home to 21,000 students in all areas of study.
The university offers a variety of resources and facilities to its students, including computing laboratories, a spa (Buxton), two computer games development suites, a lifelike hospital teaching environment with robot patients, a well-stocked Learning Resource Centre (opened in 1997) at the Kedleston Road site, a restaurant run by culinary students, a university bus system, conference and/or colloquium settings, multi-functional lecture theatres, art and culture venues, concert venues, recording studios, sport centres, sport halls, fitness suites, outdoor pitches, student union bars and cafes, meditation/prayer rooms, natural/park environments, and frequent exhibitions by local, national and international organisations, businesses and product vendors.

HS Consultants

HS Consultants – the foreign education consultants’ firm – is very popular for its exclusive services, it’s offering to Pakistani talented students who are highly motivated to go to any western college or university for higher studies and come back to serve our nation and country, with a new spirit as well as with the knowledge of international repute.
HS Consultants has so far assisted in getting admission for massive students in foreign colleges and universities, and by assisting to successfully complete their education sessions in those colleges and universities. The services rendered by HS Consultants have helped in achieving bigger milestones, to enhance the level of highly educated and qualified people in our society and country.
HS Consultants’ commercial entity works for the University of Derby UK and has remarkably played its role to get admission for maximum students, for its higher popularity in UK. University of Derby is a public-research university in the city of Derby, England.
The University of Derby, by its classification is a public-research oriented university located in Derby, England. This university was initially running as a college that was established in 1851 – a history of over one and half centuries’ period, and then the university status was given to this college in 1992.
The university offers around 300 fields of studies of varied levels. This university has – 21,000 students on roll. This university is offering cutting-edge computer lab facilities, a spa (Buxton,) double computer games development suites, a hospital added with non-human patients (robots), coupled with a well-stacked Learning Resource Library (that was launched in 1997) at the Kedleston Road site, a restaurant managed by culinary students, a university transport system added with busses, and so on.

Courses search by Alphabetically

  • (CIPS) - Advanced Diploma in Purchasing and Supply - Level 5
  • (CIPS) - Graduate Diploma in Purchasing and Supply - Level 6
  • Accounting (Joint Honours)
  • Accounting and Finance BA Hons
  • Advanced Computer Networks* - MSc
  • Advanced Practice MSc
  • Adventure Tourism (Joint Honours - Buxton)
  • Applied Acoustics MSc
  • Applied Art and Design BA Hons
  • Applied Community and Youth Work BA Hons
  • Applied Criminology BSc (Hons)
  • Applied Petroleum Geoscience MSc incorporating PG Cert/PG Dip
  • Applied Photography FdA
  • Applied Studies (Joint Honours)
  • Architectural Design (Joint Honours)
  • Architectural Studies FdSc
  • Architectural Technology and Practice BSc Hons
  • Architectural Venue Design BA Hons
  • Art Therapy MA
  • Biology (Joint Honours)
  • Biology BSc Hons
  • Bone Densitometry Reporting PG Cert
  • Broadcast Media (Joint Honours)
  • Business and Enterprise Management MSc
  • Business and Finance MSc incorporating PG Cert/PG Dip
  • Business and Management HNC
  • Business and Management HND
  • Business and Payroll Management - MSc
  • Business and Systems Thinking - MSc
  • Business Management (Joint Honours)
  • Business Management BA Hons CMI accredited
  • Business Management BA Hons Top up
  • Business Studies BA Hons
  • Business Studies BA Hons Online
  • Business Studies BA Hons Top up
  • Cert/PG Dip ) (BACP Accredited)
  • Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Chartered Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing
  • Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) - Certificate in Purchasing and Supply -
  • Children's and Young People's Services FdA
  • CIPD Advanced Level Diploma (formerly known as the CIPD
  • Civil and Infrastructure Engineering BEng Hons Top up
  • Civil Engineering and Construction Management MSc
  • Civil Engineering FdEng
  • Clinical Supervision PG Cert Online
  • Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy (Children and Adolescents) MSc
  • Commercial Photography BA Hons
  • Community Specialist Practice BSc Hons
  • Computer Forensic Investigation* - MSc
  • Computer Forensics and Security BSc Hons
  • Computer Games Modelling and Animation BA Hons
  • Computer Games Programming BSc Hons
  • Computer Graphics Production* - MSc
  • Computer Networks BSc Hons
  • Computing BSc Hons
  • Conservation Biology MSc
  • Construction FdSc
  • Construction Management BSc Hons
  • Control and Instrumentation MSc
  • Countryside Management (Joint Honours - Buxton)
  • Creative Writing (Joint Honours)
  • Creative Writing BA Hons
  • Criminal Investigation - MSc
  • Culinary Arts (Joint Honours - Buxton)
  • Cybercrime and E-investigation - MSc
  • Dance and Movement Studies (Joint Honours)
  • Dance Movement Therapy/Psychotherapy MA
  • Diagnostic Radiography BSc Hons
  • Diploma in Professional Practice (DPP) (Buxton)
  • Doctor of Education EdD
  • Early Childhood Studies (Direct entry into stage two or three of the course) BA Hons
  • Early Childhood Studies / Early Childhood Studies (with practitioner options) BA Hons
  • Education BEd Hons
  • Education MA incorporating PG Cert and PG Dip
  • Education Studies BA Hons
  • Education: Guidance Studies (Online) MA incorporating PG Cert and PG Dip
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering BEng Hons
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering FdEng
  • Emergency Care Practitioner BSc Hons
  • English BA Hons
  • Environmental Hazards (Joint Honours)
  • Environmental Health (Online) MSc
  • Environmental Health MSc
  • Environmental Management (MSc)
  • Environmental Management (Online) MSc incorporating PG Cert/PG Dip
  • Essential Ingredients of Project Development (EIPD)
  • Events Management (Joint Honours - Buxton)
  • Events Management BA Hons
  • Events Management MA incorporating PG Cert/PG Dip
  • Fashion Studies BA Hons
  • Film and Television Studies (Joint Honours)
  • Film and Television Studies BA Hons
  • Film and Video Production BA Hons
  • Film Studies BA Hons
  • Financial Markets (Top up) BA Hons
  • Fine Art BA Hons
  • Forensic Science BSc Hons
  • Forensic Science with Criminology BSc Hons
  • Foundation Programme - Joint Honours
  • Geography (Joint Honours)
  • Geography BSc Hons
  • Geology (Joint Honours)
  • Geology BSc Hons
  • Graduate Teacher Programme
  • Hand Therapy MSc incorporating PG Cert/PG Dip
  • Health and Social Care BA Hons
  • Health Psychology MSc incorporating PG Cert/PG Dip
  • History (Joint Honours)
  • History BA Hons
  • Hospitality Management (International) MA incorporating PG Cert/PG Dip
  • Hospitality Management BA Hons
  • Hotel Management (Online) FdA
  • Human Resource Management (Joint Honours)
  • Human Resource Management BA Hons
  • Human Resource Management/Development (CIPD accredited) - MSc
  • Human Resource Management/Development (CIPD accredited) (Top Up) - MSc
  • Humanities MA incorporating PG Cert/PG Dip
  • Information Security* - MSc
  • Information Technology (Online)* - MSc
  • Information Technology (Top Up) BSc Hons
  • Information Technology BSc Hons
  • Information Technology* - MSc
  • Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy (MSc incorporating PG
  • Interactive Media Production BSc Hons
  • International Business Management (Top up) BA Hons
  • International Business MSc incorporating PG Cert/PG Dip
  • International Financial Markets MSc incorporating PG Cert/PG Dip
  • International Foundation Programme
  • International Hospitality and Tourism Management BA Hons
  • International Marketing Management (Top up) BA Hons
  • International Marketing Management BA Hons
  • International Relations and Global Development (Joint Honours)
  • International Spa Management BSc Hons
  • International Spa Management MA incorporating PG Cert/PG Dip
  • International Trade (Top up) BA Hons
  • Interprofessional Practice Education PG Cert
  • Journalism BA Hons
  • Law - LL.B (Hons) including
  • Law - LL.B (Hons) with Criminology
  • Law (Joint Honours)
  • Law LLM
  • Law, Commercial Law LLM
  • Law, Corporate Law and Finance LLM
  • Law, Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law - LLM
  • Law, International and Comparative Law - LLM
  • Law, LL.B (Hons) (Social and Public Law)
  • Law, Transnational Criminal Law LLM
  • Leadership for Healthcare Improvement PG Cert
  • Legal Practice (Top Up) LLM
  • Management Accounting CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants)
  • Management MSc incorporating PG Cert/PG Dip
  • Management of Long Term Conditions PG Cert
  • Manufacturing and Production Engineering BEng Hons
  • Marketing (Joint Honours)
  • Marketing and Advertising Management BA Hons
  • Marketing and Advertising MSc incorporating PG Cert/PG Dip
  • Marketing BA Hons
  • Marketing MSc incorporating PG Cert/PG Dip
  • Mathematical and Computer Studies BSc Hons
  • Mathematical Studies BSc Hons
  • Mathematical Studies with Education BSc Hons
  • Mathematics (Joint Honours)
  • MBA (with CMI accredited Chartered Manager status)
  • Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering FdSc
  • Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering MSc
  • Mechanical Engineering BEng Hons
  • Media Production BA Hons
  • Media Studies BA Hons
  • Media Writing (Joint Honours)
  • Medical Ultrasound PG Dip
  • Mobile Device Software Development* - MSc
  • Motorcycle Engineering FdEng
  • Motorsport Engineering (Top up) BEng Hons
  • Motorsport Engineering FdEng
  • Occupational Therapy BSc Hons
  • Occupational Therapy/MSc Occupational Therapy (Community) MSc incorporating PG Cert/PG Dip
  • Operations and Maintenance Engineering FdEng
  • OT courses
  • Outdoor Activities FdA
  • Outdoor Activities Management (Top Up) BA Hons
  • Outdoor Activity Leadership and Coaching BA Hons
  • Outdoor Recreation (Joint Honours - Buxton)
  • PGCE Primary
  • Photography BA Hons
  • Popular Culture and Media (Joint Honours)
  • Popular Music Production (Joint Honours)
  • Popular Music with Music Technology BA Hons
  • Preparation for Psychodynamic Practice
  • Product Design BA Hons
  • Product Design BSc Hons
  • Professional Culinary Arts (Top Up) BA Hons
  • Professional Culinary Arts FdA
  • Professional Development Scheme)
  • Property Development (Joint Honours)
  • Psychology (Joint Honours)
  • Psychology BSc Hons
  • Public Relations (Joint Honours - Buxton)
  • Social Studies HND
  • Social Work (Applied) BA Hons
  • Sociology (Joint Honours)
  • Sociology BA Hons
  • Sound, Light and Live Event Technology BSc Hons
  • Spa (Management/Therapies pathways) FdA
  • Specialist Community Public Health Nursing MSc incorporating PG Dip
  • Sport and Exercise Science BSc Hons
  • Sport and Exercise Studies BA Hons
  • Sports Coaching (Joint Honours - Buxton)
  • Sports Coaching FdA
  • Sports Coaching MSc
  • Sports Development (Joint Honours - Buxton)
  • Sports Massage and Exercise Therapies (Joint Honours - Buxton)
  • Sports Psychology (Joint Honours - Buxton)
  • Still and Moving Image MA
  • Strategic Information Technology Management (Online) MSc incorporating PG Cert/PG Dip
  • Strategic Management (Online) MSc incorporating PG Cert/PG Dip
  • Sustainable Architecture and Healthy Buildings MSc
  • Sustainable Design and Innovation MSc
  • Systemic Psychotherapy MSc
  • Systemic Thinking and Practice PG Cert
  • Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (Professional Graduate Diploma)
  • Technology Foundation Programme
  • Textile Design BA Hons
  • Theatre Arts (Joint Honours)
  • Theatre Arts BA Hons
  • Third World Development (Joint Honours)
  • Tourism Management MA incorporating PG Cert/PG Dip
  • Travel and Tourism Management BA Hons
  • Travel, Tourism (Joint Honours - Buxton)
  • University Certificate in Environmental Engagement
  • Visual Communication (Animation) BA Hons
  • Visual Communication (Animation) MDes
  • Visual Communication (Graphic Design) BA Hons
  • Visual Communication (Graphic Design) MDes
  • Visual Communication (Illustration) BA Hons
  • Visual Communication (Illustration) MDes
  • Visual Communication MA
  • YZoology (Joint Honours)
  • Zoology BSc Hons

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