Amsterdam FoundationCampus offers international students the opportunity to progress to the University of Amsterdam Faculty of Economics and Business, on successful completion of their Undergraduate Foundation program.
FoundationCampus is part of Cambridge Education Group, the UK’s leading University pathway provider since 1952.
Cambridge Education Group has offered university Foundation programmes since 1985, and successfully prepares hundreds of students for University every year.
Amsterdam FoundationCampus works in partnership with the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Amsterdam to offer a high-quality university preparation course for international students who are aiming to study at the University of Amsterdam but who do not currently meet the entry requirements for direct university study.
University of Amsterdam is ranked 58 in the QS World University Rankings, and 83 in THE World University Rankings. Amsterdam  FoundationCampus offers progression to the BSc in Economics and Business Degrees at the University of Amsterdam on successful completion of Undergraduate Foundation Programmes.
A comprehensive 25-hour-a-week academic and English language program designed to ensure that students prepared thoroughly for the demands of their chosen degree at the University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Economics and Business.
Most of the Teaching staff often drawn from University’s faculty, Academic guidance and support from University of Amsterdam with seminars and workshops for FoundationCampus students. All the Foundationcampus students will have access to the University of Amsterdam’s extensive facilities, including computer centres, the University Library – including the Faculty of Economics and Business library. Full support is offered by the team at FoundationCampus to assist students in finding suitable accommodation, from University residences to private accommodation, before arrive.
The FoundationCampus centre is located in the Faculty of Economics and Business, placing students at the heart of student life.
All students who follow this program will be supported by exceptional study materials developed by the University of London and LSE, including access to the University of London virtual learning environment.
CEG offers successful students guaranteed progression to a University of Amsterdam. CEG Programs are ideal for independent individuals who have completed senior & secondary education and would like to study at CEG Partner University in Amsterdam. The Undergraduate Foundation will provide you with all of the skills and qualifications to progress to your chosen undergraduate degree.