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Why Study Abroad has become so trending amongst Pakistani Students?

Pakistani Youth dream! Study Abroad Pakistan

Study Abroad is becoming dream achievement for many aspirants as Pakistan is one of the most highly populated nations in the world with the highest youth population. Approximately, more than half of the population is below 25 years old which implies that the larger portion of the population is undergoing their student life abroad.

Study abroad for Pakistani student has become an increasing trend for the youth. More than 10,000 Pakistani students attain study abroad visas to study in various countries worldwide including study in USA, UK, Canada, Germany, and Australia being the top-most favorite destination for students.

Now the question is rising about why there have been focused on study in abroad? Well, who doesn’t wish to explore the world, different cultures, and diversity! The prior reason for study abroad is quality education, obviously but students also get the opportunity to discover the beauty of this world. Students are not limited to the visit the country of their education but they can also visit nearby countries as a part of international visits, field trips, internships, and exchange programs offered by the international universities.

Unfortunately, none of the Pakistani educational institutions is ranked in not even the Top 200s in the World Rankings . Pakistan is still establishing its fundamental education and lacks advanced facilities while study abroad is like a package comprised of quality education, industry updated syllabus, practical learning approach, and globalized teaching techniques in the world’s topmost universities. 

Study Abroad Pakistan

The Pakistan student market is attractive to most countries. According to a recent study, the growth of consultants has rapidly amplified, reaching up to 1,000 study abroad consultants in Pakistan.

Study Abroad for Pakistani Students

The Pakistan student market is composed of three foremost categories. The first category belongs to the elite class, most of them pursue foreign qualifications including CIE (British) or IB (American) for their O-levels, A-levels, and International Diploma. Students with higher grades and exceptional extracurricular activities qualify for entry to the Ivy League universities with scholarships. However, students who do not attain higher grades have to pay hefty fees in universities abroad. 

The second category of students belongs to the middle class. Those who are dependent on the financial aid or scholarships offered by international universities to Pakistani students. Most of the students wishing to study abroad chose countries that allow part time work and settlement opportunities for international students. 

The category of Pakistani students belongs to the lower-income groups of our country. They do not have resources nor qualifications. They also do not have much information on study abroad opportunities. Most of them approach various study abroad consultants in Pakistan as their pathway to study abroad. The chosen consultants work tirelessly to look at the possible suitable outcomes to fulfill a student’s study abroad banner dream.

Best Country to Study Abroad for Pakistani students

Pakistani students are intelligent, smart, and hardworking individuals, providing tough competition to the international students across the globe. A huge amount of Pakistani students in study abroad score high merits and distinctions in reputable foreign universities. 

Best Study Abroad Consultants in Pakistan:

HS Consultants is a highly reputable Study Abroad Consultants in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Where the team assesses student applicant based on their passion, interest, and abilities. The team has highly professional staff and experienced counselors who assist students to make the best decision for their bright careers in the future.

Counseling students and offering them quality options for study in abroad is a responsible duty that is being performed by the study abroad consultants in Pakistan. They embellish students’ dreams by integrating the best study options abroad.

Students can explore the best fit course according to their profile. HS team tackle students' queries related to courses, universities, intakes, and study abroad options in general. Students can apply in confidence in assistance with the team of HS Consultants, known as the best study abroad consultants in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.

HS Consultants in Pakistan also guides students in the visa application process by directing students with visa application forms and prepares them for the visa interview.

The highly venerated venture also offers interviews from university representatives as well as prepare students for their visa interview. The creative team guides students and assists in writing the best statement of purpose as a self-reflection. HS provides consultancy services for study in UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Malaysia, and UAE. 

HS Consultants is regarded as the best study abroad consultants in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.

HS is a known Study Abroad consultant in Pakistan; you will find the team offers exciting and best-suited opportunities to the highly ambitious students aiming to study abroad. It is situated in the commercial center of the city to accommodate students with professional counseling for international studies. 

You May Find Problems with Study Abroad Consultants

Be careful with your study abroad consultant for any unscrupulous practice with your application.

You should know how to limit the risk when applying through any study abroad consultant when you’re planning to apply abroad for higher studies. Before you continue to proceed with your application with any agent, ask for receipt for any payment you make for fee or university charges. Be confident with your study abroad consultants with their knowledge on your potential application towards the university or visa. It is mandatory for you to ask your consultants about their business profile and whether they have connection or ties with the provider (university) of your choice directly or indirectly operating in Pakistan or intended study destination.

Study abroad for Pakistani students

Study in Canada

Most of the Pakistani students opt for Canada as it offers just not the top-quality education but also provide post-graduate opportunities and permanent residency for international students. Not only this, the Canadian government supports students financially by providing scholarships and financial aids. Canada is home to many top-ranked universities such as the University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, York University, and the University of Waterloo.

Study in Australia: 

Australia is intriguing and becoming favorite study destination. It has everything to provide the best study experience; topmost universities in the world, globalized learning experiences, cultural diversity, and vibrant student communities. According to the QS Ranking, the country hosts a few of the best student cities in the world including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Canberra.

Study in USA

The USA claims some of the most renowned universities in the world. According to the QS World Ranking 2019, the USA has 33 universities that are listed in the top 100 universities are from the US. Similarly, Times Higher Education (THE) Ranking  has positioned seven of the best American universities in its top 10 list of universities rankings. The USA is amongst the most powerful nation in the world and it is home to the most advanced companies such as Microsoft and Facebook. 

Study in UK 

It is amongst the popular student destination in the world. It is home to the oldest and top universities across the globe including, Oxford and Cambridge. HS offers the best universities option for Pakistani students such as Aston University, University of Birmingham, University of York, and much more! 

Explore the world of opportunities abroad with Team HS.


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