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Canada Student Visa: How to Apply, Requirements, Fees and Process

Everything you need to know about Canadian Student Visa from Pakistan

Study in Canada For Pakistani Students

Canada is the growing student destination for international students. It have become attraction for many students all around the world. It has 642,000 international students and it is positioned at no. 3rd in the world for foreign student attraction.  In 2016-2017, 2,400 Pakistani students were enrolled in Canadian universities

Study Visa for Canada from Pakistan:

Unfortunately, we rarely have any Canadian embassy in Pakistan that is why we have lesser acceptance rate of Canadian Visa for Pakistani Students. We have High Commission of Canada in Pakistan based in Islamabad.  They deal with study visa for Canada from Pakistan where it also mentions about Canada study visa requirements.  It also deals with Canadian immigration and offer services for Canadians

How Pakistani students apply for student visa for Canada?

The process for attaining Canada Student visa for Pakistani students when they receive acceptance letter from a Canadian University. There are two methods to apply for study permit from Canada; online or by paper method. You will apply for Canadian Study Permit at Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website. You can check your eligibility to apply for a Canadian Student Permit online at the CIC website. The eligible students will be notified for the required documents for Canadian Student Permit visa application along with the Canada visa application form. Students will be charged 150+ 85 CAD for Canada student visa fee.

The online process is less time consuming than the paper method. The online application is via the Student Direct Stream (SDS) program or non- Student Direct Stream (SDS) program. For the paper based method, you are required to fulfill the following Canada student visa requirements; University Acceptance Letter, Passport valid for minimum 6 months, financials, immigration history, resume and a Statement of purpose.

Requirements for the SDS Canada (Student Direct Stream) program:

Pakistani students applying for SDS Canada, students will need to:

  • Minimum-required IELTS level of English language ability of 6.0 in all sections (reading, writing, listening, and speaking)
  • Purchase of a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) of $10,000,
  • Have been accepted by an eligible Post-secondary Designated Learning Institute (DLI List)
  • Tuition payment for the first year of study at a DLI in Canada,
  • Completion of an upfront medical examination 
  • All degree transcripts, certificates and marks sheets from Secondary and Higher secondary school certificates.
  • Bachelor or Master’s degree and transcripts
  • Affidavit of support (a statement of undertaking financial responsibility to support applicant for his entire duration of study in Canada)
  • Bank Statement and account maintaining certificate showing evidence to cover first year cost living and traveling
  • Purchase of a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) of $10,000,
  • Tuition fee payment for the first year of study at a DLI in Canada,
  • Employment letter confirming job and salary
  • Income tax return, tax registration wealth tax
  • Rental income (rent agreements with evidence of ownership)
  • Travel history/ visa refusal
  • Clearance letter from local police station stating that you have no criminal record.
  • Must own a credit card

After submitting all the required documents and fees payment, students need to send the completed application form to CIC. Some candidates of Canadian Student Permit may be called for an interview by the local visa office of Canada at in Pakistan.

COVID19 and International Students:

Global Affairs Canada’s International Education Division is dedicated to provide the recent updates regarding the updated information and guidance related to Covid’19 and Canadian institutions. Most of the Pakistani students in Canada are now restricted to travel rather they are opted to study online until the alterations in travel restrictions. You can now study in Canada from Pakistan by enrolling yourself in the online courses and facilities for Pakistani international students. Register yourself at HS Consultants and be a part of Canadian Study. 

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