Bellerbys College

With more than 50 years of teaching excellence at Bellerbys College, and over 20 years of experience helping international students achieve their ambitions, Students win places at every university in Britain.

Four World class Campuses: Brighton, Cambridge, London & Oxford

Brighton: Students can discover delightful shops and superb, inexpensive restaurants. An international college in Brighton is not all about seaside and seagulls. Away from the coastal regions there is stunning countryside to discover; London is a mere 55 minutes away by train with its endless and fascinating attractions, history and heritage.

Cambridge: Cambridge has a long history of academic excellence and is famed for its magnificent university, attracting students from all over the world. Those same traditions of achievement are still upheld today, with highly experienced tutors offering students unrivalled expertise. Students can enjoy the magic combination of modern contemporary life, whilst indulging in the rich historical past.

London: London is perfect for international study with its multinational atmosphere and a breadth of opportunities in the world of science, arts or industry. From museums and theatres, to performing arts, exhibitions, sporting events and leisure activities, London has it all.

Oxford: Combining this with the rich flavor of academic excellence at a college with an outstanding reputation for success, it is no wonder it is the pivotal point for many forward thinking high tech start-up companies. For the experience of a lifetime, it is hard to find a city that is so steeped in ancient history, nestling close to tranquil countryside, yet is vibrant, culturally aware and throbbing with a thoroughly modern social atmosphere.