About us

HS Consultants – a prestigious name in the field of foreign education consultancy with its slogan “to give proper orientation to the minds of our students” added with our mandate “inspiring the youths towards a better tomorrow” is serving for the last many years with its principal office at Karachi, with its international office in UK, and presence at Lahore and Faisalabad either.

HSC is playing its pivoting role to provide guidance and counseling to the students–who seek admission in any highly reputed foreign college or university to acquire an accredited and recognized degree that could be helpful to succeed, exceed as well as lead others in their overall career and future.

HS Consultants venture was established in 2003 since then, it is exceedingly focusing on materializing the dreams of our highly brilliant and vibrant Pakistani students, thus, in view of our aptly focused approach that has given us perfect command to get admission in any highly sought after college or university. In view of our cohesive and consistent best working strategies, the number of foreign admission aspirants has tremendously increased – a matter of pride for the management, and all others associated with our commercial entity.

“HS Consultants Pvt Ltd has defined and maintains a strict company policy and monitors our brand identity closely & tracks counterfeit companies that try to impersonate our brand, therefore in order to maintain brand integrity we maintain our copyrights & may take legal action where deemed necessary. Furthermore you may click here to read our legal information.”

HS Consultants has always moved ahead with a broader vision of getting admission for our aspiring students in the highly reputed centres of higher learning in UK, Australia, USA and Canada. Whilst demonstrating such a higher ability and capability blended with multidimensional services in foreign education, we have proved our company “as an all services provider under one roof.”

To be specific, HS Consultants has developed professional linkages with many high-profile colleges and universities across the world, few very renowned among them are—such as The Study Group, Navitas, INTO as well as Kaplan.

The upper edge of HS Consultants lies in the reality that we are trying to build the best linkages with the students across the country, giving each and every information of our newest plans and hottest strategies enabling them to capitalize from these, thus we have a broader presence on the social media—like Facebook, Twitter, and so on together with our highly comprehensive website—that perfectly delineates and defines—our overall working methodology and operational strategy.

In the series of our developments, we have designed a mobile application with the name of “UnI means YOU and I”. This new application package would be assisting our students in many areas—like a student can view the current events of HS Consultants, news and offers with respect to foreign education, review the fields of studies, as well as can check the details of universities, to inquire about any university, if he required. After getting registered on the UnI site, the student can see his status and send his email added with any required document or attachment.


Our mission

In view of the highly popular dictum “where there is no vision, the people perish”, thus our core focus is on properly orientating the minds of our foreign education aspiring students—to lead and plead them enabling them to clinch their dreamed qualification from a reputed college or university that could give them accreditation and recognition in their practical lives.

HS Consultants is aimed to provide the best services, to gain the trust and confidence of our students, and ultimately could be known and remembered as – the best foreign education service provider in Pakistan.

  • Foreign Exposure for students
  • Quality Education
  • Leaders for tommorow
  • Outshine their professional career
  • Achieve their goals
  • Gain recognition

Our experience

Visa Facilitation 87%
Education Consultancy 95%
Scholarship opportunites 80%
Highly Experienced Counselors 81%